9 of the best spring wreaths to welcome in the new season

In the past, hanging a wreath on your front door may have been exclusively a Christmas tradition, but not any more. These days there’s a wreath for all seasons and occasions, including Easter, and right now we’re in love with the spring wreaths on offer.

From bright and colourful show-stopping floral wreaths to more minimal and natural-hued affairs, there’s a wreath to suit all tastes and styles. The best spring wreaths combine plenty of green foliage to set off pretty flowers, plus pale-coloured dried wheat works brilliantly to recreate the feeling of spring. The best thing about a floral wreath is that, whether yours uses dried or fake flowers, it will last forever, unlike a fresh bouquet.

Whether you have £30 or £100 to spend, you can find a beautiful spring wreath within your budget. While some are happy to be hung on an outside door, other more delicate designs are better suited to being hung on an inside door or wall, so think about where you’d like to hang yours before making your purchase.

We’ve found 9 of the prettiest spring wreaths available to buy right now to make your home look as spring-like as possible (regardless of what the weather is doing outside).

9 of the best spring wreaths:

Ixia dried flowers wreath
John Lewis

Ixia Flowers Luxury Natural Dried Flowers Wreath, £79.95, John Lewis

Ixia’s dried floral wreath uses natural muted tones for a fresh feel that won’t clash with decor.

vibrant spring wreath
The Great British Florist

Vibrant Nesting Wreath, £50, The Great British Florist

For a burst of sunshine, this one combines purples, yellows and pinks, plus it contains lots of nesting materials that the birds will love.

tambourine floral wreath
Not On The High Street

Jingle Jangle Dried Flower Wreath, £70, Not On The High Street

This alternative design makes use of a tambourine; perfect for music lovers.

dried flower hoop wreath

Dried Flower Wreath, from £42, Etsy

A wreath set on a part-exposed thin metal hoop makes for a modern vibe.

Lavender wreath

Lavender Wreath, £34.99, Lights4fun

This faux floral wreath lights up for an added dimension.

country garden wreath
Not On The High Street

The Dewsall Dried Flower Wreath, £60, Not On The High Street

This full wreath has country vibes written all over it (even if you live in an urban flat).

pink spring wreath

The Stella – Spring Pink Wreath, £24.99, Benatti

Soft pinks and creams bring a romantic vibe to this fairytale-style wreath.

lemon wreath
Hawberry Hill

Lemon blossom vine wreath, £44.95, Hawberry Hill

Bring some zing to your front doorstep with this natural-looking lemon-themed wreath.

peony wreath

Spring Peony Wreath, from £80.97, Etsy

Unlike regular peonies, these artificial ones will last a lifetime.