The best BBQ fish and seafood recipes

Ready to fire up the barbecue for summer? Then you might want to feast your eyes on some our best BBQ fish and seafood recipes, contributed by top chefs from across the globe.

From whole sea bass to cod burgers to prawns, we’ve got some fresh ideas for barbecue season, and they are bound to impress your guests.

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BBQ fish and seafood recipes

prawn skewers
Ellis Parrinder

Five-spiced prawn skewers with cucumber salad recipe

Chinese five-spice is so intriguing, it immediately has you guessing ‘what’s that spice?’ Star anise, Sichuan peppers, fennel, cassia and cloves certainly make a delicious combination.

sea bass
James Murphy

Barbecued whole sea bass with fennel mayonnaise recipe

This is Rick Stein’s favourite way of cooking whole fish on a barbecue, but it can be quite tricky and you might want to try cooking it under a grill the first time round. What really works in this is the mayonnaise that’s flavoured with fennel herb as well as a splash of pastis and some chopped chives.

cod burgers
Ali Allen

Barbecued zesty cod burgers recipe

There is something irresistible about the fresh, vibrant flavours of lime, coriander and green chilli that sing of summer. The cod burgers can be refrigerated or frozen in advance if need be.

barbecued prawns with tarragon
Ali Allen

Barbecued or grilled prawns with tarragon tartare sauce recipe

According to chef Signe Johansen, who came up with this dish, seafood is king during summertime in Scandinavia. People are not inclined to spend hours preparing and cooking elaborate dishes when it’s warm outside; after all, summers are so short in the region and everyone needs to top up their vitamin D. This is a superb dish, one that easily scales up to feed a crowd.