Tetley is looking to hire someone to drink tea and travel the world

We’re a nation of tea-lovers, but imagine if drinking tea was an actual job you could get paid for… We’d be rich beyond our wildest dreams! As it happens, tea company Tetley is hiring someone to do just that.

Tetley tea bags

Tetley wants to recruit two graduate tea buyers – full-time roles that involve sampling different varieties of tea. Whoever gets the role will eventually progress and have the opportunity to travel around the world to various growing tea regions.

Those lucky enough to be hired will get to try up to 300 different brews a day, in order to complete their training to become a ‘tea master’. Once training has been completed, the graduate buyers will go on to build relationships with suppliers and growers of tea around the world. They’ll also be expected to predict the next big tea trends.

Day-to-day responsibilities for the role include supporting buyers and assistant buyers, organising tea tastings and working with the shipping department to monitor stocks in the supply chain.

While you might consider yourself a ‘tea master’ already, Tetley has clarified that anyone who wants to apply must have a 2:2 level grade in any degree. You must also have strong planning, time management and organisational skills.

A spokesperson for Tetley said: “10,000 hours of training across 450 skills need to be completed to be considered an expert, and that’s what we’re offering. You don’t need to have a refined palate when you’re starting out, this is developed through our training and mentoring programme.”

Young people drinking tea

There hasn’t been a clear indication of what the salary might be, although we do know it will be ‘competitive’ and that the positions are based in West London.

Applications to become a graduate tea buyer close on 4 November, so you need to be quick. You can apply for the job here.

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