Tess’ top tips for tired legs

By Sarah Stacey

It’s not surprising to hear Strictly Come Dancing presenter Tess Daly talking about legs. But rather than pondering a perfect fleckerl, the down-to-earth Ms Daly, 48 and the mother of two daughters, is concerned about her own tired legs. ‘I’m on my feet all day, rushing round from the moment I get up at 6.30am,’ says Tess. ‘I don’t have anything medical to worry about – just a general achiness. If I’ve had an especially long day in the studio my legs can feel uncomfortable – even after resting.’


Most busy women know the feeling, particularly those whose work involves standing all day. ‘I asked my hairdresser how she coped with being on her feet nine hours a day. She said that some nights she can’t sleep because her legs and feet have that awful feeling of heaviness and ache so much,’ Tess says.


It’s not surprising to hear Strictly Come Dancing presenter Tess Daly talking about legs!


That’s why Tess is fronting the launch of Scholl Light Legs Compression Tights 20 Denier (£14.99, scholl.co.uk). Made with Fibre Firm technology, which helps to boost circulation around the whole leg to relieve pressure, they also feature a body-shaping control top.


Tess is a genuine fan: ‘I only align myself with products I use and admire.’ As well as black, Light Legs come in sheer nude, which Tess favours: ‘They hide flaws and even out skin tone beautifully – they’re my secret weapon to prevent end-of-the-day tired legs.’



1) Lie on your back with your feet up against a wall or roll feet and legs on top of a gym ball while you watch TV


2) Go for a brisk daily walk to help boost your circulation. When I’m at home, I take my dogs Blue, a chihuahua, and Mini, a maltese-shih tzu cross, with me


3) Sip still water with a squeeze of lemon. I aim for eight glasses a day – it’s the answer to everything