How to recreate Tess Daly’s YOU cover shoot hair looks

Adam Reed, co-founder of Percy & Reed, reveals how he created each one of Tess Daly’s amazing couture looks for her YOU cover shoot.

Big bouffant hair

This style is a homage to the sky-high showstoppers at Valentino, featuring Priscilla Presley-style backcombing. Image: David Gubert

Damp hair was prepped using Percy & Reed Wonder Treatment Oil and L’Oreal Pro Techni.Art Rebel Push Up mousse, that I double layer throughout the hair to really enhance the volume and body. I dry each section using my GHD Ceramic Vented Radial brush, size 4 – the bigger the brush, the bigger the hair.

I then used the GHD Contour at the root to maximise the lift, spraying each section with Percy & Reed Dry Instant Volumising Spray, and gently back brushing with my GHD oval dressing brush.

To create the extended volume and length I used a Trendco wig, that had been blown with the same method as Tess’s hair that day; and to achieve the ice blonde colour, it was coloured and toned using L’Oreal Pro LuoColor P01. We fixed the wig and then worked her natural hair to blend, using the brush to smooth the natural hair into the wig. (If you want to use hair pieces I always go to I finished the hair with L’Oreal Pro Infinium Extreme Hairspray.

Bardot beehive

A modern take on the Bardot beehive nods to those seen at Fendi. Image: David Gubert

See the prep for big bouffant hair (treating it with oil, double layering the mousse and then drying with a GHD round brush).

I then back-combed the crown section of the hair with my GHD Tail Comb that had been sprayed with Hair by Sam McKnight Easy-Up Do styling spray to give the hair grip. I spritzed my GHD dressing brush with Easy-Up Do and worked that through the hair. The hair was then swept across the back of the head to form the ‘beehive’ part of the look, and secured using Japanese grips, working them up the head.

I then sprayed my brush again with Easy-Up Do, before I took the rest of the hair and wrapped it on to itself, creating a French twist at the back of the head, which I then secured using French hair pins (I buy mine at Hair was then finished with a mist of LOreal Pro Infinium Extreme Hairspray.

Rockabilly rolls

Riffing on the neo-rockabilly hairstyles paraded at Chanel, this be-quiffed ponytail is Tess’s favourite. Image: David Gubert

I first sectioned the top section of Tess’s hair out of the way. I then used the GHD dressing brush to pull the rest of the hair to the back of the head to create the ponytail. I secured it with 3mm round elastic that I get from MacCulloch and Wallis ( This gives the most secure ponytail ever. I used the GHD Curve Soft Curl Tong to create the kick-back wave in the ponytail.

For the quiff, I sectioned the remaining loose hair into two, and rolled each section towards the head, and secured it with Session Kit hair grips – the best grips that you can get in the UK. I then used the Percy & Reed Extra Hold hairspray to texturise, fix the hair and add a soft worn-in texture.

Double bow

The ultimate bad gal bed hair – inspired by the bouffy faux bobs with bows at Giambattista Valli. Image: David Gubert

See ‘big bouffant hair’ prep. The hair was pin set using the GHD Classic Curl Tong (roll the hair on to the tong, leave for eight seconds, remove the tong and grip the hair into place until cool, and take the pins out). Once cool, I brushed through the hair using my YS Park Tortoise Brush, layering L’Oreal Pro Savage Panache styling powder into the hair to maximise the volume.

A hair pad made using a hairnet from Boots and Geisha hair padding from Session Kit was them attached to the nape of the hair and the hair was tucked under to create a faux Sophia Loren-inspired bob. L’Oreal Pro Techni.Art Super Dust was then puffed into the root for maximum texture and the Lock & Co Head Band was added to create the final look.


To recreate Tess’s natural hair, take damp hair and prep using Percy & Reed Beyond the Beach Texturising spray and Wonder Treatment Oil, and dry into the hair, using a ‘dread dry’ technique (where the hair is twisted around the brush, pulled into a dread and cooled to create a soft tousled texture).

I then used my GHD Gold Professional Styler to create the kick-back wave, the most relaxed wave of the season. L’Oreal Pro Techni.Art Savage Panache dry powder spray was used to create a really modern texture.

1. Always spray pins and grips for extra grip. I like Hair by Sam McKnight Easy-Up Do.
2. Spray your brush with hairspray to get a softer, less helmet finish.
3. Use texture powders for incredible volume and to make the style last longer.
4. Use volumising shampoos and conditioners to prep the hair. Percy & Reed Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner are great for this.