Tesco is now selling Tequila Rose strawberry liqueur for just £12

Move over Baileys, there’s a new deliciously creamy liqueur in town – and it’s pink!

If you’re partial to tequila but are not so keen on taking a straight shot of an evening, it’s your lucky day. British supermarket chain Tesco is now stocking Tequila Rose, a strawberry flavoured liqueur that’s long been popular in the States.

The drink, which contains 15% alcoholic volume, is described as ‘strawberry cream with an exotic tequila thrill.’ It’s sweeter and richer than your typical tequila-based beverage, making it perfect for those who like their drinks on the more indulgent side.


Tequila Rose can be mixed in a cocktail (or a cheeky milkshake), indulged in on the rocks like you would a glass of Irish cream, or taken as a tasty shot if you’re feeling wild. What’s more? Tesco is selling it for the bargain price of £12 a bottle. If that isn’t an excuse to throw a cocktail party, we don’t know what is.


While Tequila Rose strawberry liqueur has been a classic in America for years, this is the first time it has hit supermarket shelves in the UK. Fans have been expressing their excitement about the news on social media, with some already getting creative by planning to use the liqueur to make alcoholic treats and whipped cream shots.

You can also add it to coffee with Frangelico syrup for a drink known as a ‘Nut & Berry Cafe’, mix it with chocolate flavoured vodka for a ‘Chocolate Covered Strawberry Shot’, or combine it with a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream for an alcoholic ‘freakshake’ – the options are endless.

Last week, Brits were equally excited about the return of yet another boozy treat, Aldi’s beloved alcoholic ice lollies. The popular lollies were put back in stock following high demand last summer and are available in four flavours: Gin & Tonic, Prosecco & Peach Bellini, Champagne & Orange Bucks Fizz or Cosmopolitan (vodka and triple sec).

Safe to say we’re in for a tipsy summer!