Tesco Christmas 2020 food has landed: Here’s what we can look forward to

With Christmas looming just over a couple months away, we’re turning our minds to what festive food will be on offer. Tesco is the latest supermarket to drop a first look at what will be in stores over the coming months in the lead up to the Big Day, and it’s fair to say it looks more than delicious.

While all the classics are there – your turkey, red cabbage, pigs in blankets etc etc – there are also plenty of vegan options on offer too, by way of ‘no-beef’ Wellingtons, pigless blankets and more. There’s some inventive party food, too – mini fisherman’s pie or mac and cheese cup, anyone?

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For many people, Christmas might be a quieter affair than usual this year, and Tesco has a range of centrepieces to accommodate for smaller – but no less tasty – feasts, such as legs of lamb, stuffed duck and crackling-wrapped pork loin.

Let’s have a look at what will be on the shelves at Tesco this Christmas…

Tesco Christmas 2020 food: what’s in store

The party food, canapés and starters

mini Fishermans pies

Tesco Finest 10 Mini Fisherman’s Pie, £4 (available w/c 12 October)

First up in the Tesco Christmas food 2020 line up are these bite-sized golden fried potato nests filled with succulent white fish, prawns and fluffy mash, topped with a juicy king prawn. Decadent.

mini ham hock cheddar crumpets

Tesco Finest 9 Mini British Ham and Cheddar Toasties, £4 (available w/c 12 October) and Tesco Finest 10 Mini Ham Hock and Cheddar Topped Crumpets, £5 (available w/c 12 October)

Ultimate cheesy finger food comes in the way of mini golden toasties filled with Wiltshire ham, tangy West Country farmhouse Cheddar and a smooth cheese sauce. Or try the mini crumpets topped with pulled ham hock, rich Cheddar cheese and a smooth bechamel sauce.

sausage roll log

Tesco Sausage Roll Log, £5 (available w/c 16 November)

Make way for a buffet table centrepiece – a giant sausage roll ‘log’ packed with seasoned pork meat and wrapped in puff pastry.

prawn lollipops

Tesco Finest 10 Prawn Lollipops, £4 (available w/c 12 October)

10 juicy prawns combined with crisp vegetables seasoned with ginger and coated in crunchy golden breadcrumbs.

BBQ beef Mac and cheese cups

Tesco Finest 12 BBQ Beef Mac and Cheese Cups, £5 (available w/c 12 October)

We’ll call these ‘little cups of heaven’ – 12 bites of mac and cheese with a kick of mustard, topped with pulled, Applewood-smoked beef in a sweet barbecue sauce.

cheese onion souflettes

Tesco Finest 12 West Country Cheddar Cheese and Onion Souflettes, £TBC (available w/c 12 October)

Tesco Christmas food 2020 One of these golden baked ‘souflettes’ of tangy Cheddar and sweet onion certainly won’t be enough.

pigless blankets

Tesco Plant Chef 10 Pigless Blankets, £2 (available w/c 23 November)

Deceptively meaty, these juicy Cumberland-style vegan sausages are made from pea protein, roasted mushrooms and onions, then hand-rolled in a vegan pastry.

BBQ jackfruit bon bons

Tesco Plant Chef BBQ Jackfruit Bon Bons, £2 (available w/c 14 September)

These will be popular with your vegan and meat-eating guests – pulled jackfruit coated in a crunchy seasoned crumb and a sweet and smoky barbecue sauce.

no chicken drumettes

Wicked Kitchen No-Chicken Drumettes, £4 (available w/c 12 October) and Tesco Plant Chef No Mozzarella Sticks, £TBC (available w/c 12 October)

More vegan finger food in the shape of plant-based ‘chicken-less’ drumsticks and oozy vegan mozzarella sticks in a golden crumb.

The main event and sides


Tesco Finest British Free Range Heritage Narragansett Whole Turkey, £TBC (available w/c 14 December)

The pièce de résistance of the Tesco Christmas 2020 food offering is this free range naturally whole turkey; with a rich and full flavour, it’s self-basting so it’ll stay beautifully succulent during cooking.

duck maple glaze

Tesco Finest Easy Carve Duck with a Maple and Orange Glaze, £TBC (available w/c 14 December)

Adding to the Tesco Christmas 2020 food line up, this rich and tender duck finished with a sweet orange and maple glaze, complemented with a British pork, orange and maple stuffing.

pork loin

Tesco Finest French Trimmed Crackling Pork Loin, with Truffle and Porcini Butter, £15 (available w/c 23 November)

French trimmed pork loin filled with a garlic and succulent porcini and black-truffle infused butter, basted in a truffle flavoured salt rub for golden and crispy crackling. Was that our tummies that just rumbled?

lamb leg maple glaze

Tesco Finest Lamb Leg with Seville Marmalade Maple Glaze and Seeded Crumb, £TBC (available w/c 14 December) and Tesco Finest Turkey and Duck Parcel with a Hidden Orange Centre, £TBC (available w/c 14 December)

A British whole leg of lamb paired with a sticky sweet Seville orange and maple glaze, coated in a pumpkin and sunflower seed crumb. Or, go for the boneless British turkey breast joint with a rich, gluten-free pork, duck and sour cherry stuffing, complemented with a hidden candied whole orange centre.

salmon stuffing cranberry glaze

Tesco Finest Salmon Joint with Stuffing and Cranberry Glaze, £TBC (available w/c 21 December)

Perfect for pescatarian guests, these succulent Scottish salmon fillets are stuffed with a roasted chestnut mushroom and caramelised red onion filling and topped with a sweet cranberry glaze.

Wicked Kitchen Wellington

Wicked Kitchen Wellington, £TBC (available w/c 30 November)

No beef here, this vegan wellington is the ultimate plant-based centrepiece – made from seasoned pea protein, flaky pastry and roasted garlic herb mushroom duxelles.

giant pigs in blankets

Tesco Giant Pigs In Blankets, £2 (available w/c 23 November)

The classic pig in blanket, but supersized – these British pork sausages are lightly seasoned with parsley, white pepper and black pepper, then hand-wrapped in beechwood-smoked streaky bacon rashers. 10 for us, please.

red cabbage

Tesco Red Cabbage with Cranberry Glaze, £TBC (available w/c 14 December)

What says Christmas dinner more than a vibrant bowl of red cabbage? Tesco’s pre-prepared shredded variety comes with a sachet of sweet warming cranberry glaze for drizzling.

rainbow carrots

Tesco Roasting Roots Rainbow Carrots and Parsnips with Thyme, £TBC (available w/c 14 December)

Who wants to spend Christmas Day peeling carrots? Not us, so these ready-to-roast pre-prepared red, orange, yellow and purple carrots and parsnip wedges with a sprig of thyme are perfect time-savers.

The sweet stuff

bauble cake

Tesco Finest Chocolate Orange and Maple Bauble Cake, £13 (available w/c 23 November)

A showstopper of a cake, this hand-finished masterpiece is topped with a white chocolate bauble decoration and maple flavour buttercream. Inside, two layers of Valencian orange sponge cake and a layer of chocolate and orange brownie are sandwiched together with orange, Belgian chocolate and maple-flavoured buttercreams. Slice open to reveal a hidden centre filled with chocolate malt balls.

opera dessert

Tesco Finest Opera Dessert, £TBC (available w/c 21 December)

Inspired by a classic French Opera Cake, this elegant dessert combines layers of toffee and chocolate cheesecake, toffee-flavoured mousse and chocolate sponge on a chocolate biscuit base. Topped with a black cocoa mirror glaze, chocolate decorations and gold dusting.

passionfruit sleigh

Tesco Finest Passionfruit Sleigh, £TBC (available w/c 14 December)

An eye-catching dessert shaped like a sleigh led by a duo of chocolate reindeers, made from baked orange cheesecake on a vanilla sponge base and topped with a passionfruit glaze.

ginger chai cake

Wicked Kitchen Ginger Chai Cake, £9 (available w/c 28 September)

This vegan ginger spiced chai tea-soaked cake is hand frosted, cinnamon-sugar dusted and topped with caramelised ginger pieces – the ultimate plant-based dessert centrepiece.

tiffin star

Tesco Finest Chocolate Tiffin Star, £TBC (available w/c 14 December)

An indulgent tiffin made of Belgian chocolate ganache with white chocolate chunks, chewy fudge, sultanas and shortcake balls finished with a sprinkling of gold lustre.

The cheeseboard

baking brie

Tesco Finest Large Baking Brie Fruit and Glaze, £6 (available w/c 16 November)

What’s Christmas without a freshly-baked brie for suppertime? This eye catching baking brie is topped with plump cranberries and golden raisins for a contrasting sharp, fruity bite, while the glaze is full of sweet, festive warmth.

The drinks

gingerbread latte flavoured Irish cream liqueur

Tesco Finest Gingerbread Latte Flavoured Irish Cream Liqueur, £20 (available w/c 31 August)

A rich indulgent creamy liqueur with sweet malty biscuit notes and warming ginger, enhanced with a subtle coffee bitterness. Serve neat over ice or add to hot chocolate or coffee.