Tesco is selling a dreamy wedding cake made completely of cheese

Wedding season is right around the corner and to mark it, the legends at Tesco have launched the greatest wedding cake of all time for cheese lovers.

Forget everything you thought a traditional wedding cake should be, this year, it is all about the savoury cakes and Tesco is well and truly leading the way. The UK supermarket is currently selling a five-tier celebration cake made entirely out of cheese. Yes, we’re already drooling.

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Each layer of the cake is made up of different types of cheeses. Right at the bottom, you have a Coastal cheese as the base. Then there’s a layer of Red Leicester, a layer of Blue Stilton, a layer of Wensleydale with sweetened dried cranberries and sweetened dried blueberries, and last but certainly not least, the cake is topped off with a St Endellion Blue full fat soft mould ripened cheese. Delicious.

According to Tesco, each cheese has been hand selected by our expert cheese graders. What’s more? The cake, which weights an incredible three kilograms, is priced at just £30. Now that’s a purse-friendly alternative wedding cake if you ask us.

Of course, the magic doesn’t stop there – we’re thinking birthdays, christenings, office parties, even just an excellent snack choice for a Saturday night in with fellow cheese lovers. Serve it up with a selection of fruity chutneys and crackers, and a lovely bottle of wine and you’re good to go.

Tesco cheese wedding cakeTesco Finest Cheese Celebration Cake 2.9kg, £30, Tesco

Other supermarkets have also been introducing similar offerings. Waitrose – which is now officially the UK’s favourite supermarket – is also selling a dreamy three-tier cheese wedding cake. However, their version is made up of cheddar, stilton and Cornish yarg and weighs a 5.5kg, which is almost double the weight of the Tesco cake.

And of course, the price tag is also significantly different as the giant Waitrose cheese cake will set you back a whopping £115 (although we bet it’s worth every penny).