Tesco is now paying customers to return plastic bottles

Following in the footsteps of fellow UK supermarket chains like Iceland and Lidl who have both launched eco-friendly initiatives within their business this year, Tesco is currently trialling a new, in-store plastic recycling scheme.

The popular supermarket is introducing a machine in selected stores which will pay customers 10p for each plastic bottle they return – a recycling method that has been running successfully in Scandinavian nations for years.

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The machine will be launched in Tesco stores in Edinburgh, Swansea, Borehamwood, Manchester and Birmingham initially, and customers will be able to return any plastic bottle up to 750ml in size, receiving the promised 10p in return. Each customer is permitted to return up to 10 bottles per day, which means you could be making an easy £1 a day while doing your bit to save the environment. Sounds like a win win situation to us!

Commenting on the new initiative, the supermarket’s CEO Jason Tarry said: ‘We are already committed to eliminating single use plastic wherever we can and make recycling simpler for customers. Today is another step in that direction.

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‘However, we know that it is going to take retailers, manufacturers and government to work together to make progress. We would urge the government to move to a single, nationwide approach to waste collection that makes it much easier for people to recycle.’

This isn’t the first eco-friendly move made by Tesco. The supermarket recently introduced their ‘bring your own container’ scheme in all its stores, allowing customers to take home produce from its various deli counters in their own packaging instead of wasting even more plastic and cardboard.

In similar efforts, budget supermarket Lidl announced last month that it has stopped using black plastic bags across its entire fruit and vegetable range. Earlier this year,  Iceland became the first UK supermarket to introduce a plastic deposit return scheme, while Asda launched an initiative offering the public the chance to win a £10,000 award for helping then reduce their use of plastic.