You can now buy Terry’s White Chocolate Orange in the UK

Terry’s Chocolate Orange is a national favourite, particularly during the festive period. But did you know that aside from the classic milk chocolate version and the lesser-spotted dark chocolate ball, there is also a white chocolate orange in existence?

Yes, we know. Our mouths are watering already, and we’re not the only ones.

The pursuit of the white chocolate orange became a talking point on social media last year when a Twitter user named Jordan Coombe shared an image of what appeared to be a freshly purchased and unwrapped Terry’s White Chocolate Orange alongside the words ‘MY LIFE IS COMPLETE’. Shortly after he uploaded the post, his tweet was met with dozens of responses from those whose minds were blown by the fact that it’s even an option.

The tweet received almost 25,000 likes and over 5,500 retweets, with many leaving comments such as ‘that would actually just make my life complete’ and tagging their friends and family, declaring: ‘this is literally ur dream; I wanna buy u a million of them.’

Terry's chocolate orange white

However, the elusive white chocolate Terry’s Chocolate Orange has been rather hard to pin down on UK shelves – until now, that is.

After being discontinued a few years back and eager shoppers turning to hunting down the dwindling stock on the internet, Terry’s have finally gone and made all our dreams come true (or made 2020 that little bit sweeter at the very least) by officially bringing it back to the UK.

The white choccie treat is now available to shop at Morrisons and Co-Op, and in October it will also hit the shelves of Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose. As if to really spoil us, the white chocolate version is also available in the grab bag size of mini segments, too.

Terry's chocolate orange white segments

Terry’s Chocolate Orange Minis White, £1.50, Morrisons

Run, don’t walk.