Terry’s Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs are coming to a supermarket near you

Now that Christmas is over, we’re already looking forward to our next excuse to binge on chocolate and that is of course, Easter.

Yes, we know – it’s still a long way off. But that hasn’t stopped retailers from stocking their shelves with their seasonal favourites giving customers a head start on purchasing all the Easter goods on offer. However, one particular new offering has caught all of our attention. Introducing: the new Terry’s Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs.

Terry's Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs
Getty Images

The popular treat, which is traditionally associated with Christmas, has had an Easter revamp this year as it is now available in mini egg form.

The new bags consists of a crunchy bright orange shell and contain delicious chocolate inside. Aside from the colour, they look and feel just like the original mini eggs only the flavour is, of course, that of Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

Each bag is priced at just £1, meaning we’re going to have a hard time staying away from them between now and Easter. This year, the holy day falls on 12 April, meaning we’ve got over three months to indulge in the tempting treats.

The mini eggs were first spotted on NewFoodsUK’s Instagram page after they shared an image of the special bags on a supermarket shelf. At the moment, the chocolates are only available in Tesco, according to Tyla. But we reckon they’ll be rolled out in all the big supermarkets before spring.

As the Instagram post shows, we’re not the only ones who are over the moon about this new arrival. Endless people flocked to the comments section to express their excitement and tag their friends to share the news. ‘Game changer,’ one comment read while another said: ‘Need 100 bags right now!!’

A third comment simply read: ‘What dreams are made of ?’. Frankly, we couldn’t agree more.