TELL TRINNY: How do I join the style-high club?

I’m in my mid 50s and about to go on holiday on my own for the first time (I recently divorced my husband of 25 years; we have two children). I’m staying at a friend’s villa for a week where I’ll be meeting new people, who are also travelling on the same flight as me. What should I wear to travel in? I’m too embarrassed to be seen in my usual dowdy uniform of leggings and a baggy shirt and want to make a good impression when we meet at the airport. 
Claire, Derbyshire. 

Trinny travel fashion advice
Steve Schofield

This is going to be a really exciting journey for you. Yes, you’re setting off on holiday for some wonderful fun and relaxation in a beautiful setting but, above all, you’re taking an important step into your new single life. For the first time you won’t be lugging the children’s suitcases, or making sure your husband has his passport and boarding pass. You won’t be responsible for anyone else and I want you to embrace the challenge of reinventing yourself.

To ensure you do this with style, I’m going to share my favourite travel look, which is chic but won’t seem as though you’ve tried too hard. First, a comfy yet flattering pair of trousers is a must. These Zara ones are stretchy and don’t crease – perfect for flying long haul. A pair of white leather sneakers will add a fresh, summery feel – make sure they are leather so your feet won’t smell, and wear with trainer socks. If you’re travelling from the UK, where it might be chilly, or if you get cold in air-conditioned planes, you may prefer a top with long sleeves. This cotton shirt is airy, elegant and looks good crumpled, too. Then before you land, change into a white sleeveless top in the loo, top with this fantastic long waistcoat (which you will have packed in your hand luggage), add a long necklace and you can go straight to dinner.

Once you’ve nailed this outfit, you’re ready for any flight or long journey, not to mention any social event once you arrive. Finish it all with a pair of glamorous sunglasses and everyone will think, ‘Who’s that exciting woman? I want to meet her.’

Trinny travel fashion advice

Sunglasses, £79,


Trinny travel fashion advice

Long waistcoat, £69.99, Zara


Trinny travel fashion advice

Trousers, £25.99, Zara

Trinny travel fashion advice


Necklace, £40,


Trinny travel fashion advice

Shirt, £59.95,

Trinny travel fashion advice

Trainers, £80, French Connection


I never travel without…

Compression socks

I always wear a pair of these on long flights. The idea is that they squeeze the blood back up the legs and help reduce swelling.

Trinny travel fashion advice

£10, John Lewis

Treatment mask

Being a huge fan of LED therapy I wore The Light Salon’s portable Boost At-Home LED Treatment Mask on a recent flight, and when I landed my skin looked like a baby’s bottom.

Trinny travel fashion advice


Skin balm

To protect my skin from the plane’s air-conditioning, I slather on iS Clinical Sheald Recovery Balm – not just super-hydrating, it’s fragrance-free, too.

Trinny travel fashion advice

£42, Skincity

Cashmere scarf

A true holiday hero, a cashmere scarf isn’t just great for keeping you warm on the flight, it’s classic, light and perfect for summer evenings when the sun has gone down.

Trinny travel fashion advice

£69.99, Zara Home

Carry-on luggage

I don’t fly anywhere without my navy canvas Troubadour cabin bag. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime investment, but it’s amazing and carries the world.

Trinny travel fashion advice

 £525, Harvey Nichols