TELL TRINNY: How can my wardrobe cheer me up?

Q: Dear Trinny, I’ve had an emotionally draining Christmas and I woke up on New Year’s Day feeling about ten years older. While everyone else in my family had fun and time to relax, it seemed like I was running a hotel. Now it’s January and my bank account is already overdrawn. I’m exhausted and unmotivated. I don’t have depression; I just want to give myself a bit of a boost. Any ideas?
– Carolyn, Cardiff

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Trinny: I really sympathise – in January three years ago I felt the same. I also made a commitment to myself to never wear black when I was feeling this way and I want you to do the same, as it will only exacerbate this sense of gloom. 

From your longer letter you tell me you have ash blonde hair with creamy skin and blue eyes, so I’d like to recommend a colour palette for you – fuchsia, burgundy, navy, dove grey and white. These might be colours that you associate more with summer but you can wear them year-round. 

I love pink. River Island has a fantastic coat which you can winterise with other colours, such as burgundy (not with black!). It’s the happiest coat you can ever buy. Try it with a burgundy turtleneck, or even navy at a push, and blue jeans. Next is a good store for jeans; I particularly love the straight-leg, ankle-length versions, especially when they’re not too tight at the ankle. You could also try a gorgeous pink dress with burgundy tights. 

A scarf is an easy add-on. I’m loving this Oliver Bonas one as the two-tone allows for burgundy to be introduced into the outfit and it feels soft, cosy and luxurious against the skin – important when you are feeling a little low. 

Tell Trinny wardrobe

 Jeans, £32, 

Tell Trinny wardrobe

Coat, £80, 

Tell Trinny wardrobe

 Jumper, £17.99, 

Tell Trinny wardrobe

 Scarf, £35, 

How I brighten my winter skin

With Vitamin C creams! I recommend:

 I adore this brand

tell trinny vitamin cTimeless Skin Care 20% Vitamin C + E Ferulic Acid Serum, £59.99,

Mix with your usual serum for a boost 

Dr Sebagh Pure Vitamin C Powder Cream, £85 for five, 

Unbelievably repairing!

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Allies of Skin Vitamin C 35% Collagen Rebuilding Serum, £106, 

Want a happy high?

 Then get moving! It’s the ultimate way to boost endorphins, the feelgood hormones. Starting a fitness routine in January can feel hard, but you could try something new – such as Zumba – that’s engaging, fun and gets your adrenaline going. Or how about flamenco dancing? Friends tell me it’s a great workout and gets you in touch with your sensuality!

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