Tatler’s Christmas must-haves include a £2,000 wreath and a real-life reindeer

Forget the Coca-Cola advert and endless Instagram posts of freshly-decorated trees: Tatler has released a tongue-in-cheek list of Christmas symbols to have to be considered a part of ‘high society’ this year, and its the best marker of the arrival of the festive season we’ve seen so far.

The list includes a luxury wreath, a Tiffany jewellery advent calendar, and a banquet to rival that of Henry VIII’s. Oh, and it won’t hurt to have your very own reindeer present either.

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According to the title, there are seven key Christmas must-haves, all of which the publication explains are ‘festive markers of prestige,’ which reflect ‘sophisticated, tasteful grandeur’. So what exactly counts in Tatler‘s eyes?

Well, first up, you’ll need to get yourself an impressive tree and wreath. And we don’t just mean some nice greenery from your local M&S; Tatler explains only a 6ft Nordmann fir tree will do, as will a luxury wreath worth a cool £2450.

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Once you’ve got these in, it’s time for the real fun to start. Decorating your tree is one of the most festive activities of the season, and the quality of your decorations matters. Picking some up online at Amazon simply won’t do this year; instead, Tatler recommends commissioning your talented friends to sort out this one. Sounds simple? Well, only if you have Jeff Koons, Anthony Gormley, or David Hockney on speed dial.

Now it’s on to Christmas day itself. Christmas lunch is a highlight for most families, regardless of what you choose to eat. Tatler advocates a rather decadent spread, with highlights including smoked salmon and caviar from the Harrods food hall.

And when it comes to what you should wear, take inspiration from your favourite Christmas tree decoration, of course: ‘Society’s elite don’t have a fairy upon their tree – rather they become that idyll themselves in layered, bountiful, bunched up silk. A serene vision vastly superior to a glittered ornament.’


The finishing touches must include a Tiffany’s advent calendar (which will set you back slightly more than your usual Dairy Milk at £104,000), and extra points for your very own reindeer trotting around in your vast back garden.

Happy holidays!