This is where to buy the chic tapered candles you’re seeing all over Instagram

Let’s be honest: we’ve all spent much more time within our homes in recent months that we perhaps would have liked to. But for many of us, it has resulted in a new-found affinity with interiors and decor in a way we’ve not experienced before. It’s therefore unsurprising that a number of small homeware brands have been thriving during this period, and start-ups have actually found it to be the perfect time to launch their businesses. 

One type of business in particular that is pulling in all the sales is (however niche) tapered candle brands. After years of dedicating ourselves to strong-smelling scented candles from the likes of Diptyque, Jo Malone London, and Byredo, we are now taking a step back into simplicity and embracing pared-down, affordable tapered candles, which can be bought for as little as £6 in some cases. 

New start-ups such as Bable and Fairholme have been doing it particularly well, and join the ranks of more established brands like Ester & Erik and Hay. There are so many options now that it’s almost hard to know where to look, but our round up of the best tapered candles out there should help you find your perfect aesthetic. 

The best tapered candles to spruce up your home


pophams candlesSet of 6 Candles by British Colour Standards, £15, Pophams Home 

Pophams — East London’s beloved coffee and pastry joint (with an original haunt in North London) — has just launched Pophams Home after visitors expressed their love for the cafe’s crockery and table-wear. As well as cool coffee cups and pasta dishes, you can also buy these tapered candles in one of three colours. 

Ester & Erik

ester & Erik candlesEster & Erik 2 x Pairs Of Long Tapered Dining Candles In Misty Rose no.51, £16.95, Trouva 

Ester & Erik are some of the originals in the tapered candle game; in fact, they now offer their elegant candles in 85 shades. The brand designs and makes their creations in Denmark, but plenty of their options are sold on sites such as Trouva. 


bable candlesBaby Strawberry Candle, £12, Bable 

Creator Bianca White came up with Bable during lockdown, and has just launched her first website where you can buy her cute, hand-painted single taper candles. She charmingly uses the phrase ‘Bable your table,’ to promote how the brand can help you ‘tablescape’ for a dinner party or other occasion. 


fairholme candlesFairholme Candles Two hand-dipped taper candles – Purple (a neutral purple) Tall, £9, Etsy

Fairholme was started by London PR Tony Jack, who produces his hand-dipped and hand-poured candles in the capital city. The chic candles come in all sorts of colours, and have a five hour burn time, which is impressive for tapered candles. 


interlude tapered candlesInterlude Candles Spiral Taper Candles – pack of 3, £15, Etsy

Interlude first caught our eye with their incredibly chic Venus Bust candles, which celebrate the female form. As well as these beauties, the small Etsy shop now sells other options including candles made in shells and these cute twisted tapers. 

The Edition 94

edition 94 tapered candlesSwirl Candles 23 cm, £6, Edition 94

Edition 94 is another trendy home-wear brand that has plenty to offer, most notably in the form of these swirly candles, which come in quite literally every colour under the sun!


Hay tapered candles6 PC Swirl Candle, £25, Hay

Hay is known for its cooler-than-cool home-wear, and they’ve really been upping their candle game as of late. You can pick up either these twisty candles, or straight up smooth tapered versions in a variety of hues.

Feature by Rebecca Fearn