This new £11 hairbrush is specifically designed for fine hair

Whether you were born with naturally thin locks or have noticed them becoming more brittle with age, fine hair isn’t always an easy thing to tame. From flyaways and frizz to a chronic lack of volume, you’ve probably tried a multitude of shampoos, powders, supplements and serums to prep and protect – but have you ever considered changing your brush?

That’s the question that Tangle Teezer is prompting us to ask with the launch of its new product, which is specifically designed to care for fine hair.

Tangle Teezer for fine hair
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The Fine & Fragile brush, which comes in a choice of two colours, Mint Violet or Pink Dawn, has bristles that are 30 per cent softer than usual to minimise breakage and stress to already fragile strands.

The unique brush has two tiers; the long teeth will detangle while the shorter ones smooth the cuticle, to give you healthier looking hair overall. The brand has even partnered with leading trichologist Iain Sallis to make sure it’s up to the job.

Tangle Teezer

‘One in three women will suffer from diffuse shedding gin their lifetime,’ Iain, co-founder of the International Trichology Congress, explains. ‘The wrong hairbrush can increase friction by splitting the hair cuticle.’

‘Using an intelligent hairbrush will help limit hair loss through mechanical trauma. This can be caused by aggressors such as straightening irons, curling tongs, pollution and colouring.’ Other factors for thinning hair can include nutritional insufficiency, as well as fluctuating hormone levels.

Research conducted by Tangle Teezer says that the Fine & Fragile causes five times less breakage than a standard brush – and according to those who’ve already got their hands on one, it really makes a difference.

tangle teezer for thin hair

Tangle Teezer Fine & Fragile Brush in Mint Violet, £11, Boots

‘I have very fine hair which is thinning and this brush is the only one I’ve used that doesn’t tug or pull out my hair,’ said one reviewer. ‘Very ergonomic to hold and the multi length of bristles are great for non tugging. Also very soft on my scalp.’

‘It really does help with breakage! The bristles are much softer!’ another agreed, while a third commented: ‘I purchased the thin hair brush and it works wonders. I have pretty thin hair and I’ve noticed the brush doesn’t rip out nearly as much as other brushes have in the past.’

Priced at just £11 and available from your local Boots, it’s certainly worth a go…