Susannah Taylor: Give your home a good-mood makeover

I don’t know about you but my surroundings really affect the way I feel. I couldn’t live in a
dark house – I would feel like my senses are being suffocated. Similarly, the idea of painting my bedroom bright red would feel like a living nightmare. Our homes are an extension of our energy, so we can’t underestimate how much impact they have on our mood.

Ruth Black/Stocksy United

Dulux knows this all too well – its Colour of the Year for 2021 has obviously taken a lot of thought. You may think, after 2020, they’d perhaps go for a delicate shade of eau de nil to indicate blue skies ahead, or a yellow for optimism. Instead, they have chosen a rather unassuming dusty brown (if it was an eyeshadow it would be called Buff), but somehow it feels like the perfect grounding colour for this time. According to Dulux colour experts, Brave Ground is ‘a bolstering shade that connects back to nature and the simple things. With a warm, earthy tone, it creates a feeling of stability and growth and potential.’

Speaking to Edward Bulmer of, the synthetic-free paint range much loved by interior designers, it seems there has definitely been a shift from stark whites to warmer neutrals lately.

Feng shui expert Priya Sher ( says that beige and cream represent the stability of the earth so are perfect for living and dining rooms. She also says that dusky pink and light shades are great for the bedroom.

For children’s bedrooms and work spaces, try green because it is associated with energy of growth. Interestingly, Edward’s most popular paint of 2020 was Invisible Green, a bright colour that brings the outdoors in.

But it’s not just the colour of walls that can upgrade our home and heart’s vibe. Here are other ways we can improve our mood…

Embrace some soothing scents

Aromatherapy helped keep me sane during lockdown and my Neom Wellbeing Pod essential oil diffuser (right) was plugged in almost as much as my phone. From Moment of Calm to Complete Bliss, the oil blends fill your home with heavenly scents. £90,

Bathe in a natural glow

I am drawn to natural light like a moth to a lamp, but it seems it’s not just a personal quirk. Priya Sher says natural light is incredibly important for our wellbeing. ‘When we receive natural light, it recharges us, makes us feel more alive and more in sync with nature. That’s why it is so difficult to thrive in spaces such as basements, which receive no natural light.

‘Rooms that are for rest,’ she adds, ‘such as bedrooms and snugs, need warmer and softer lighting. Rooms used for active work, such as home offices and kitchens, need it brighter.’

Get plant positivity

House plants are not just an Insta-trend. According to Priya they actually uplift the energy of a space. ‘An orchid in the bedroom, peace lily in your workspace, money plant in your living room, fresh flowers in your hall, herbs in your kitchen – all these uplift the energy of your home to support you,’ she says.

High-vibe your space

Crystals, says healer Emma Lucy Knowles, can act like a natural wi-fi box – drawing in good energy and emitting it outwards. Emma’s go-to is clear quartz: ‘In a tower or point shape, which is great for clarity, it cuts through all low-level vibes. It’s brilliant in the living room or kitchen.’ She also recommends citrine, which she says is ‘the abundance maker – a bringer of joy and high vibes’.