Susannah Constantine opens up about her ‘mental menopause’

Ex-Strictly Come Dancing contestant Susannah Constantine has spoken candidly about going through menopause, revealing the mental battle she suffered in an interview on ITV’s Lorraine.

The 56-year-old fashion guru highlighted that the challenges that women face when entering into menopause, explaining both physical and mental changes she herself endured. She opened up about the effects of everything from children leaving home to your periods stopping.

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‘As women of our age you start to lose so much; you stop getting your period, your children leave home, you’re maybe thinking about retiring. Your whole world is changing and it’s a really tough time for women,’ she told Lorraine.

‘I’m still going through the mental menopause. I think they are two very different things.’

Susannah – who appeared on the popular morning chat show in an effort to encourage other women to be more open about menopause – competed in this year’s series of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing but became the first contestant to be voted out after scoring just 12 points for her samba in the first week.

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Speaking to the host, she revealed that she entered the show to regain her confidence and to challenge herself – both of which it did.

‘It was to help me feel that I was relevant to myself, not anybody else, and to push myself and with age and wisdom and experience it didn’t matter so much that I had failed as long as I tried,’ the mum-of-three said. ‘I really encourage women to go out and try something new, and give it a go and if it doesn’t work it doesn’t matter. That’s what we say to our children all the time.’

During her time on Strictly, Susannah grew close to her dancing partner Anton du Beke. The pair did a joint interview on Loose Women earlier this month, where the star revealed that the hardest part about exiting the show was feeling as though she had let Anton down. ‘I watched Anton’s face and how disappointed he looked and that’s what made me cry as I felt I had let him down,’ she said.