Susanna Reid reveals the two simple changes that led to her 1.5 stone weight loss

Susanna Reid has opened up about the changes that led to her shedding more than a stone in recent months – including cutting down on alcohol, and giving up snacking.

Speaking to Lorraine Kelly during an appearance on Lorraine this week, the Good Morning Britain presenter explained that a trip to the doctors about some ‘skin problems’ had inspired her to make the changes.

‘He said “I recommend two things…”‘ she recalled. ‘One is you stop drinking or cut down on drinking and one is you lose some weight because you are at the top end of your BMI.’

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‘It can creep up without you noticing, and what I did was cut out snacking,’ she continued. ‘I found waking up so early in the morning, and you’re in a sort of energy deficit and all your body can think of is to have toast and biscuits, have calories. And you can pile it on really quickly.’

Since cutting down on alcohol – with the exception of reporting on the Oscars in LA, because ‘if now isn’t the time for a margarita when is?’ – and ditching the snacks, Susanna has now lost one and a half stone.

She has been feeling the benefits of the lifestyle changes for months: ‘It is more than 100 days since I last touched alcohol and I feel clearer, sharper, and more energetic than ever,’ she said during an interview with the Daily Express back in December.

‘It’s certainly helped me – not least because I have get up so early and it doesn’t help when you feel as if you are in a constant state of jet lag.’

Susanna at the National Television Awards in January 2018. Image: Rex Features

‘I’ve stopped snacking between meals and I am eating more sensibly too,’ she confirmed.

The mum-of-three has also managed to achieve results without the help of a workout regime. During an episode of Good Morning Britain, fellow host Piers Morgan commented on her new alcohol-free approach: ‘The worst thing about being alcohol-free, you’re basically awake all the time, you obviously don’t sleep. You don’t do anything, you just exercise and eat kale.’

But Susanna was quick to put the record straight, replying: ‘Actually I don’t do any exercise at all. I stopped going to the gym, I found it made me too hungry.’

‘I’ve levelled out, I lost a stone-and-a-half and that’s enough, and I don’t go to the gym.’

Susanna at the Good Morning Britain studios. Image: Rex Features

It’s paid off – at her recent cover shoot with YOU magazine, the star said that she felt ‘the most confident she’s ever been.’

‘Personally, as well as at work,’ she explained. You get to an age where you think, “This is who I am now.” I’m doing all right. I’m not pretending in any area of my life, in a way that perhaps we all do in our 20s. I don’t think you have to have ticked every box. You don’t have to be right all the time, you don’t have to be strong all the time, you can just be you. It’s liberating.’