This is the surprising reason divorce rates have halved in the last 25 years

If you’re among the thousands of newlyweds that tied the knot this year, you’ll be pleased to hear that the number of couples divorcing has dropped by half over the last 25 years, according to new research.

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That’s right, gone are the days of short-lived marriages. Well, at least for those who make it to the three year mark. The new data by the Marriage Foundation and The Times shows that divorce rates for couples who have been married for three years has been slashed in half, while divorce rates in couples married for five years are down by over a third (39 per cent) and by a fifth in those who have been together for a decade.

The news makes a refreshing change following previous decades of high divorce rates, with figures hitting an all time high in 1993. However, things have clearly changed as the new research proves that fewer couples are willing to call it quits. So, why exactly is that?

According to reports, analysts believe that this is down to fewer women filing for divorce as men have allegedly become better at embracing their share of responsibilities for making a marriage work. However, experts also highlight that the drastic fall in divorce rates also has a lot to do with a change in attitudes towards marriage as people are choosing to marry rather than being pressured into it by family or societal expectations – both of which were traditionally huge factors in the past.

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‘Among all the talk of divorce and law reform, it’s easy to miss the good news story that today’s marriages are more stable than at any time since the 1970s,’ says Harry Benson, research director of Marriage Foundation. ‘Some level of relationship failure is inevitable. But today’s falling divorce rates contrast with the far higher break-up rate among couples who don’t marry.

‘This new research shows that higher levels of family stability can be achieved if we embrace commitment. If you want reliable love, the odds are ever more stacked in your favour if you get married. Don’t put up with mere cohabitation. Marriage is the real thing.’

And on that note, cheers to love!