This Australian skin serum is being hailed as a ‘magic’ remedy for acne and eczema

From promising products and natural home remedies, to miracle vaccinations and tech masks – the options for treating acne are endless, and the journey can be an exhausting task. However, a new natural oil from Supple Skin Co in Australia has made headlines for its revolutionary healing powers.

The brand’s ‘Dew Drops’ has been hailed by skincare experts for its ability help fight dry skin, acne and eczema due to one, very significant, hero ingredient. Priced at £36 including delivery from Down Under, the popular serum contains organic hemp oil, which is known for containing high levels of omega 3, 6, and 9 to not only regenerate the skin but soothe any inflammation. And don’t worry, it won’t clog your pores either.

The bottle also contains organic carrot seed oil, which is known its anti-ageing powers as well as banishing pigmentation and blemish scars, and lightening the skin. It also includes lavender oil to help calm aggressive breakouts, while tea tree oil is used in the formula to prevent further inflammation.

Supple Skin Co

Dew Drops Serum, $67.20 including shipping (approx £36), Supple Skin Co

As reported by FEMAIL, lifestyle blogger Rebekah Emilie was full of praise for the product despite being sceptical at first. ‘This product is an absolute game changer, and it has fully changed my skincare routine,’ she wrote on her blog. ‘I came across this company a few weeks ago and was umming and ahhing buying the serum because I generally try and avoid any products made with oils.

‘In my head, oily skin and oily face products equal an absolute disaster. However, I read that they had a money back guarantee if the serum didn’t work for your skin, so I decided to give it a go, and I’m so glad I did!

‘Not only is it super easy to use, as it removes the need for toner and moisturiser, but I have seen such a huge difference in the quality of my skin after less than a week of using it.’

Similarly, Instagram star, Karina Irby, said about the product: ‘Shout out to all my dry skin sufferers, try a product called Dew Drops from Supple Skin Co. This product is meant for the face, however I also use it all over my legs. I find this product seriously helps with my dryness and as you all know… no dry skin means no itching. Which means less breakouts.’

That’s it, we’re going to have to try it out for ourselves – thank goodness for global shipping!