Aldi launches supersized garden furniture set and it’s flying off the shelves

Though the weather in the UK can be a little temperamental at best, when the sun does come out (even if only partially), you can’t get us outside quick enough. And though meandering through nearby greenery is lovely and a sunny day trip a great way to get in some warm weather quality time, sometimes, all we really want is to flop down in our garden with a book and a beverage for the afternoon.

Aldi garden furniture

The only problem? Comfy garden furniture can work out pretty pricey, and so, in the past, we’ve often ended up making do with a blanket on the grass or bringing out a kitchen table chair, neither of which properly fits the bill.

However, all that is changing, as Aldi has just released its biggest ever, outdoor furniture set – the Gardenline Lounge and Dining Set.

While Aldi says the set is comfortably able to seat six people, there’s definitely enough space to stretch out on your own, or, if you’re willing to squash up next to your nearest and dearest, you could definitely fit a few more on there for your summer soirées.

Aldi garden set

Priced at £649.99 (a steal, given that similar sets are well over a thousand), the Aldi garden furniture set comprises of one long corner sofa, two ottomans (which we plan on resting our feet on while lounging on the sofa – when we don’t have guests, of course), and a glass-topped coffee table – which cleverly rises up or down for ease of use. In short, if anyone guesses it’s Aldi, we’ll eat our straw sun hat.

The sofa and stools are powder-coated – meaning they’re more durable and the paintwork won’t chip or wear off, so you can use them year after year without starting to look worn, although a cover does come with the set to keep it safe from weather damage and general wear and tear.

As the Aldi garden furniture set is pretty new to the site, reviews are currently pretty thin on the ground, but one of the more savvy shoppers among us who snapped a similar set last year, is pretty pleased with their purchase, saying that ‘for the money’ it’s comfortable and has ‘weathered really well’: ‘Ours has been outside all winter and is still looking as good as new.’

It’s worth noting that similar garden sets previously released by Aldi sold out in record time, so if you’re keen to relax outside in style this summer, we’d head to the checkout ASAP.

aldi garden furniture set

Gardenline Lounge and Dining Set, £649.99, Aldi