The new hot cross bun flavours to try for 2019

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without a traditional hot cross bun. But for 2019, supermarkets from Aldi to Waitrose are launching a whole host of creative new twists on the classic – and it’d be rude not to give them a try too.

From super sweet-toothed options like fudge and maple syrup to floral flavours like elderflower and jasmine, here are nine of the quirkiest hot cross buns on the shelves this year.

hot cross buns
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Sweet orange marmalade

marmalade hot cross buns
Sweet Orange Marmalade Hot Cross Buns, £1.50 for 4, M&S

M&S sells an incredible 42 million buns every year, and we predict that these will become a new favourite – they’re made with Seville orange marmalade, juicy sultanas and candied orange and lemon peel.

Elderflower, lemon & lovage

elderflower hot cross bunsElderflower, Lemon & Lovage Hot Cross Buns, £1.89 for 2, Waitrose

In addition to its usual spiced, fruit-studded offering, Waitrose has decided to play with florals this year, adding elderflower to these zingy buns. Lovage, if you’re not familiar, is a aromatic herb that imparts a hint of bright, light flavour with a note of anise.


fudge hot cross buns
Extra Special Fudge Hot Cross Buns, £1 for 4, ASDA

Not a fan of fruity buns? ASDA’s fudge option could be a game changer. The sweetness is cut with a sprinkle of sea salt for a more complex taste.

Maple syrup & blueberry

maple syrup hot cross buns

Maple Syrup And Blueberry Hot Cross Buns, £1.50 for 4 (or 2 packs for £2), Tesco

If a pancake stack and a hot cross bun had a baby, it would end up looking something like Tesco’s genius maple syrup flavoured creation. These buns are pepped up by the addition of currants and sweetened dried blueberries.

Rhubarb & custard

Specially Selected Rhubarb & Custard Hot Cross Buns, £1.09 for 4, Aldi (from 7 March)

The quintessentially British flavour combination in a bun – bravo Aldi! You can enjoy them toasted and buttered, or elevate them into a seasonal dessert with more poached rhubarb, cream and crushed pistachios – the choice is yours.

Kentish Bramley apple

apple hot cross buns

Kentish Bramley Apple Hot Cross Buns £1.50 for 4, M&S

With Bramley apple pieces, juicy sultanas and a hint of warming cinnamon, these M&S buns are ideal for traditional hot cross fans that don’t want to go too far out of their comfort zone, but still fancy a fresh taste.

Orange, cranberry & jasmine

orange hot cross bunsOrange, Cranberry and Jasmine Hot Cross Buns, £1.89 for 2, Waitrose

Dried cranberries, orange peel and an infusion of Jasmine green tea are all in here, nestled into bespoke Waitrose sourdough for the supermarket’s second floral-inspired bun this year. Cup of matching green tea on the side option, but highly recommended.

Salted caramel & Belgian chocolate

 Specially Selected Salted Caramel & Belgian Chocolate Hot Cross Buns, £1.09 for 4, Aldi

It doesn’t get much more indulgent than this. Aldi has teamed chunks of rich Belgian chocolate paired with subtle salted caramel in this delicious sweet treat of a bun – we defy you to stop at one.

Raspberry & white chocolate

raspberry and white chocolate hot cross bunsRaspberry White Chocolate Hot Cross Buns, £1.50 for 4 (or 2 packs for £2), Tesco

And just in case that wasn’t enough chocolate, why not pick up a pack of Tesco’s raspberry and white chocolate beauties? Packed with raspberries, Belgian white chocolate and tangy cranberries, you’ll be raving about these to anyone who’ll listen til Easter and beyond.