This simple hack makes supermarket flowers look far more expensive

It might be predictable to buy flowers for your loved one on Valentine’s Day, but we all love to receive them and a bright bunch of blooms is surely going to bring a bit of beauty and joy into your living room (where your spending most of your time right now anyway thanks to lockdown).

But as the shops know that bouquet buying goes mad at this time of year, inevitably the prices hike up. Which is why we were floored when we saw this ingenious hack that makes regular supermarket flowers look like they actually came from a very expensive florist.

roses in shop
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The hack costs nothing to do and works best on roses, which we all know is the traditional flower to be gifted on Valentine’s Day (although some florists have made the choice to ditch the red rose this year). If you are going for roses however, you’ll want to know this handy little trick.

pink roses
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The rose hack was posted to TikTok by Melbourne-based Chantel Mila, who’s known for her home hacks, styling and DIY tips on the video sharing platform.

‘The easy trick that will make grocery store roses look florist quality’ she says in her caption. In the video, Chantel suggests removing excess foliage from the stems and cutting 1cm off the base of the stem at a diagonal angle.

Then: ‘Slowly turn the outer petals back, leaving a rosebud in the middle’ she says, before arranging them in a vase to show off their beauty. As you can see in the video, each rose looks much bigger, fresher and more luxurious – just like the ones you’d get from a professional florist.


The easy trick that will make grocery store roses look florist quality ? #homedecor #diy #homehacks #tipsandtricks @hellomolly

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For such a simple, easy and completely free trick, it’s amazing we haven’t known this rose hack until now. Her TikTok followers were equally impressed, posting comments such as: ‘I will be doing this with all of my roses from now on,’ said one, and: ‘That’s such an easy way to make flowers look fancier,’ added another.