People think this £3.99 Superdrug perfume is the perfect dupe for Thierry Mugler Alien

Lovers of Thierry Mugler’s Alien perfume, you could be about to save a whole lot of money on your next bottle of scent. People are convinced that there’s a perfume that smells just like the iconic fragrance, and it’s more than 90 per cent cheaper than the original.

The similarity was first highlighted last year on the popular Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group, where poster Gemma Ford shared a picture of herself holding Superdrug’s Layering Lab Body Mist in Blossom, writing that it ‘smells just like Alien! And lasts all day’.

Superdrug Blossom perfume
Facebook/Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK

At £3.99 for 100ml, the product was always purse-friendly, but Gemma noted that it actually scanned through the Superdrug tills at half that price and only cost her £1.98.

She’s not the only perfume fan to clock the resemblance between the Superdrug own brand and the floral, woody notes of Mugler’s formula. ‘Smells exactly like Alien and lasts for hours!’ wrote one customer on Superdrug’s website. ‘Bought 7 bottles the other day for friends and family as it is just unreal for the price.’

Superdrug Blossom perfumeLayering Lab Body Mist in Blossom, £3.99 for 100ml, Superdrug

‘I sprayed this in store a few days ago then realised after I had left how much this spray smells like Alien!’ exclaimed another. ‘I don’t buy Alien because it’s not cruelty free and is expensive so you can imagine how chuffed I was to find this. Had to stop myself from buying all of them on the shelf. Please keep this spray forever Superdrug!’

‘I can’t believe how much this smells like Alien…’ a third impressed shopper echoed. ‘I’m a big Alien fan and always use the perfume I couldn’t believe the smell!!’

Mugler Alien Eau de Parfum, £95 for 90ml, John Lewis & Partners

Even more surprisingly than the quality of the Superdrug mist is its price when compared to the designer version: a 90ml bottle of Mugler Alien will set you back almost £100, while you’ll get 100ml of Blossom for less than a fiver. Sure, the packaging is somewhat less impressive, but for a saving equivalent to the cost of a new luxe handbag, most bargain hunters won’t miss the gold claw detailing.

If you’re already a fan of the Blossom Layering Lab body mist, you’ll be pleased to know that the scent is now also available as even more body products.

‘Thank you to whoever posted about Blossom being a dupe for Alien perfume. Superdrug now do the body lotion for £3.99 and shower gel,’ commented another user of the Facebook group.

Yes, we can confirm that the Layering Lab Blossom scent can now be found in the form of a body wash for £4, a body lotion (also £4), a £5 30ml Eau de Toilette and a bath bomb for £3. Use a mixture of the range to layer up and prolong the scent all day long.

Blossom body wash

Layering Lab Blossom Body Wash 200ml, £4, Superdrug

Blossom body lotion

Layering Lab Blossom Body Lotion 200ml, £4, Superdrug

Blossom EDT

Layering Lab Blossom Eau de Toilette 30ml, £5, Superdrug

Blossom bath bomb

Layering Lab Blossom Bath Fizzer, £3, Superdrug

And if the warm amber and jasmine notes of Alien aren’t your thing? Try the Layering Lab Body Mist Exotic, which is also £3.99 and, according to purchasers, a dead ringer for YSL’s Black Opium. Who knew?