There’s a surprising connection between your sun cream and your manicure

Whether you paint your nails at home or get them seen to by a professional, there are few things quite as heartbreaking as ruining your new manicure prematurely.

You’ve probably tried all of the usual tricks – filing carefully, using oils, thinly layering your colour between a base and top coat – but if you’re still finding dents and chips appearing almost as soon as your nails have set, there could be another factor at play – particular when the temperatures are soaring.

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Speaking to beauty website Get The Gloss, expert Juanita Huber-Millet, the founder of London nail salon Townhouse, explained that there’s a surprising reason you may find your nails chipping more often during the summer months.

‘Many sun creams contain products that can weaken or even remove nail polish,’ she said. ‘So if (when!) you get it on your nails, wipe it off straightaway and wash your nails with soap and water.’

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According to SELF magazine, some of the ingredients used to dissolve sunscreen are also in acetone free nail polish removers – hence the dulling and even damaging of a freshly-painted talon. So while you may have blamed the sun, sea and sand on your ruined holiday polish, it could actually have been your sun cream that’s been causing the trouble all along!

Juanita’s solution to the problem is already fairly simple, but if you really want to take care of your nails when applying that all-important SPF, you can wear a mitt or self-tanning glove to keep them in pristine condition.

And if the worst does happen? ‘If a chip appears, touch up the chip and then apply a full coat of top coat across the whole nail,’ Juanita advises. To take it one step further, she suggests making lemonade out of lemons and turning a chip into a chic French tip – genius!