This is why you don’t actually need to add sugar to your tea

How many sugars do you have in your tea?

Health experts insist that we should never consume more than seven teaspoons of added sugar per day. Despite this, Brits consume almost double that amount. But according to science, we don’t actually need any at all to make our tea taste better.

 don't need to add sugar to your tea
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As reported by MailOnline, new research suggests that the idea of sugar making our tea more tasty is all in our heads. In fact, the study, conducted by a team of scientists from University College London and the University of Leeds, showed that those who don’t have tea in their sugar enjoy their cuppa just as much as those who do.

Explaining their results, the authors said: ‘Excess sugar intake is a public health problem and sugar in beverages contributes substantially to total intake. Reducing sugar intake from beverages may therefore help to reduce overall consumption.’

This was demonstrated in their findings as the researchers found that those who cut out sugar in their tea or gradually reduced the amount of sugar they used, turned out to enjoy their drinks just as much as they would with sugar.

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To carry out the study, the researchers analysed data from 64 male participants who drank tea sweetened with sugar daily and made them follow a new habit for a month.

The men were split into three groups: one group who gradually reduced the sugar in their drink over four weeks, a second group that quit sugar altogether in one drastic step, and a control group who continued to drink sweet tea.

The team concluded that ‘individuals can successfully reduce the amount of sugar consumed in tea using two different behavioural strategies. Similar interventions could be used to reduce intake of sugar in other beverages such as dilutable fruit juices (eg squash), as well.’

However, they did admit that a bigger study would need to be conducted to confirm their findings.