Succession has led to a surprising fashion trend

When you hear that much-loved TV drama Succession has been responsible for new fashion trend, what first springs to mind? Luxurious cashmere roll-necks, perhaps, or the effortlessly chic neutral palette that lead female character Shiv Roy has made us crave?


Well actually, it seems we have characters such as Kendall and Logan to thank for a major fashion trend to emerge thanks to the show: baseball caps.

The fashion platform Lyst reports a 45% lift in sales and searches for baseball caps since October, when the third season of Succession hit our screens. And this is not just teenagers we’re talking about, but adults with money – high-end retailers, such as and Mr Porter, are also counting baseball caps among their bestsellers this winter.

succession hats

In keeping with the show, it is unbranded styles rather than those emblazoned with logos that are proving most popular. That doesn’t make them cheap though – in fact, if you wanted to rival the looks on screen, you’re looking at an eye-watering £2,465 a pop for a baseball cap from Loro Piana (yes, you did read that correctly).

The high-end Italian label is, in fact, one of the places where Succession’s costume designer Michelle Maitland did her research for the show.

‘I might be looking through the racks in Loro Piana when I see a couple come in. He’s 72 and she’s, let’s say, 42.’ Michelle told The Times recently. ‘I see them riffling through the cashmere sweaters and she says, “Sweetie, what about this?” holding up the garment. So I take a good look at the sweater and ask myself why did she choose that for him?’

Michelle also said that her inspiration for the outfits came from staking out locations where the super-rich tend to shop. ‘I don’t look at collections or magazines, I hit stores like Saks, Bergdorf’s or Bloomingdale’s instead’ she revealed.

We’re not sure the baseball cap would have quite the same luxe effect during our weekly shop at Sainsbury’s, but you never know until you try!