This Caroline Hirons-approved face cream could be the next best thing if you don’t want Botox

We’re always in the market for a new cream that’ll make our skin look youthful, bright, and smooth. The buzzing beauty industry has offered up some of its very best in the past twenty years, from retinol-based treatments to rich moisturisers. But perhaps one of the best modern options is one you may never have heard of: StriVectin Intensive Moisturising Concentrate. 

The product first peaked in the early 2000’s after hitting the big time over in the U.S. market (it supposedly made $60m from sales in its first year, which is about double the amount a new skincare product is expected to make in its first year), but its origin story is an interesting one — in fact, it wasn’t always meant to go on your face. 

The story goes that in the early noughties, StriVectin put to market their cream to target stretch marks on the body. However, samples were given out to those testing the product, who (without clear instructions) unknowingly applied it to their faces. What followed was a barrage of glowing reviews from women who claimed the formula had made their skin look younger and targeted signs of crow’s feet. The brand quickly re-marketed their miracle product as a face treatment to tackle ageing after they discovered it contained oligopeptide, a protein component known as Pal-KTTK, which was found to target wrinkles in ways which rivalled retinol and vitamin C.

StriVectin Intensive Moisturising Concentrate
A before and after comparison from the StriVectin website. Image: StriVectin

Fast forward to 2020, and the cream has been updated and is now available to buy direct from the brand’s UK website. Caroline Hirons, who posted an ad about the product, is a fan, writing that she believes it’s a good option to incorporate into your routine in-between Botox appointments, or if you don’t fancy the needle altogether.

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‘I had baby (superficial) botox back at the beginning of March, and to be honest, as it’s worn off, I’ve decided not to have it again,’ she explained. 

‘This [StriVectin] is sufficient. I’m NOT by any means suggesting that a cream can replace the needle, we all know it can’t. I’m just saying it “may” help elongate the time between your appointments, and that if you have lines that you aren’t happy with, but don’t want to go down the needle road, maybe try this.’

The skincare expert explored the products more on her blog, detailing how the Intensive Moisturising Concentrate works, along with other bits from the brand like the new Hyperlift Eye Instant Eye Fix. 

The products aren’t cheap, but given the impressive results, they’re definitely worth a try if you’re really looking for non-invasive alternatives. You can pick up the beloved concentrate for £69 for 60ml direct from their website.