Here’s what we know about the Stranger Things spin-off

No one could’ve predicted the cultural juggernaut that Stranger Things would become, but since its stellar performance Netflix is certainly keen to get as much as possible out of show’s creators.

Netflix recently announced that Matt and Ross Duffer (aka the Duffer brothers), who created and executive produced Stranger Things, have formed a production company called Upside Down Pictures, through which they will develop film and TV projects as part of their overall deal with Netflix.

stranger things spin off

Among those currently said to be in the works are ‘a live-action Stranger Things spin-off series’ and ‘a new stage play set within the world and mythology of Stranger Things’ as well as several projects not directly related to the popular sci-fi show.

Of course, for anyone craving a Stranger Things top-up after finishing the fourth series, a spin-off show is an appealing prospect, but how exactly will it look?

Well for starters, don’t go thinking it’s going to follow on from the original drama. ‘I’ve read these rumours that there’s gonna be an Eleven spin-off, that there’s gonna be a Steve and Dustin spin-off or that it’s another number,’ the Duffer Brothers recently said on the “Happy Sad Confused” podcast. ‘That’s not interesting to me because we’ve done all that. We’ve spent I don’t know how many hours exploring all of that. So it’s very different.’

However, they did say it will follow the same ‘storytelling sensibility’ as the original series, even if it doesn’t feature the same characters.

Matt Duffer has said it will be a ‘story that connects to the Stranger Things world, but it really is more about how we’re telling that story.’

Basically, the plot remains a bit of a mystery, although the Duffer brothers told Variety that actor Finn Wolfhard had managed to guess the storyline.

stranger things spin off

‘We do have an idea for a spinoff that we’re super excited about … but we haven’t told anyone the idea yet, much less written it,’ they said. ‘We think everyone — including Netflix — will be surprised when they hear the concept, because it’s very, very different. But somehow Finn Wolfhard — who is one crazy smart kid — correctly guessed what it was going to be about. But aside from Finn, no one else knows!’

Stay tuned for more info…