Annie Bell’s stew recipes

Want a lighter version of the warming one-pot? Check out Annie Bell’s spring casseroles and stew recipes.

Lentil and fennel stew with apple salsa

A great one for feeding a hungry horde who have veggie or vegan leanings, with a lively warm apple salsa spooned on top and a little coconut yogurt.

lentil and fennel stew
Ellis Parrinder


Ten-minute prawn, cucumber and mushroom stew

This sprightly stew is perfectly accompanied by a wholegrain such as buckwheat.

prawn cucumber and mushroom stew
Ellis Parrinder


Slow-cooked short ribs with artichoke salsa

A special-occasion stew, short ribs are one of the ultimate braising cuts. For a great side, make a mash of half potatoes and half carrots dressed with olive oil and stir in some of the softened garlic cloves. Black rice is also excellent.

slow cooked short ribs stew
Ellis Parrinder


Courgette and preserved lemon stew with feta

Delicate and light, this veggie stew comes with little starbursts of preserved lemon, capers and feta.

courgette and preserved lemon stew
Ellis Parrinder


Chicken and aubergine stew with cavolo nero

This stew is cooked like an all-in-one roast, allowing the juices to concentrate and the chicken to turn nice and golden. The dressing is a favourite – I like making lots for dipping cooked green beans and crudités into in the days after.

chicken and aubergine stew
Ellis Parrinder


Cod with coconut and coriander stew

This elegant fish stew is super easy with its all-in-one sauce poured over the fish then into the oven. As good serving for friends as it is a family midweek meal.

cod with coconut and coriander stew
Ellis Parrinder


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Hot pots

YOU Food Editor Eleanor Maidment picks the best pots for the job.

Aldi cast iron pot

Blue cast-iron casserole dish (20cm), £19.99,

Available in blue, black and grey, Aldi’s cast-iron range includes 20cm, 26cm and 30cm casseroles – all exceptionally good value.

crane casserole dish

Cast-iron sauté pan (23cm), £160,

Crane produces some of the sleekest cast-iron cookware on the market, finished in matt black enamel. The pans are easy to clean and extremely durable, too.

staub cast iron pot

Cast-iron cocotte (26cm), £269,

A cast-iron classic, Staub’s cocottes last a lifetime and are perfect for stewing with their even heat distribution and precisely fitting lids that ensure no steam escapes during cooking.