These star-shaped spot patches are the cutest and most effective yet

2019 was undeniably the year of the pimple patch. Liquid and gel spot-fighting formulas took a step down to allow for these nifty patches to take centre stage, and Instagram went wild for them. This year, there’s only one blemish patch which should be on your list to try, and they’re the most covetable ones yet. 

StarfaceStarface is a U.S. brand which just recently hit UK shores, and their spot patches are arguably the most aesthetically pleasing we’ve seen. As the name suggests, each yellow patch is shaped like a star, so you’ll no doubt feel all that childhood nostalgia flooding back with each use. As well as the patches themselves, the packaging is incredibly cute, consisting of a magnetic snap shut yellow box, with a smiley face on the front. Told you they were adorable…


But what about the patches themselves? Like some of Starface’s predecessors, these star-shaped stickers are made from a hydrocolloid material. This is often used in surgical dressings, and accelerates spot healing by drawing out the pimple. As well as this, the patch itself protects the area from irritants, as well as too much touching. If you’re guilty of picking your face (particularly while we may not be wearing makeup as much, working from home), you need to get your hands on some pimple patches.

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Starface has a great approach to spots and skincare in general too; instead of adding to the stigma of ‘bad skin,’ the brand wishes to promote confidence and joy to their users with the fun and bright patches. 

star shaped spot patches

Hydro-Star Patches, £19, Starface

If you need any more convincing, just consider the fact that Starface launched in September 2019 in the U.S., and has been growing roughly 50% month-on-month ever since. Impressive, huh? The brand was also co-created by Julie Schott, the former Beauty Director of in the U.S., so you can count on her expertise in skincare. 

You can buy Starface’s Hydro-Star patches from the brand’s website for £19.