This one particular star sign is most likely to be a CEO

Whether you believe in it or not, star signs and horoscope chat is inescapable. And sometimes, their outlines can be an excellent indicator of someone’s personality – which is why the first question many of us ask a potential love interest is ‘what’s your star sign?’

star sign CEO
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However, romance aside, a star sign can not only tell you the most common personality traits found in someone based on the month they were born in but it can go as far as predicting our future. And according to specialists, one sign in particular is most likely to become a CEO.

New research from Business Comparison has revealed that one thing most CEOs have in common is being a Taurus.

Stating the characteristics of a CEO, the report reads: ‘The most common [CEO] star sign is Taurus, with Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg and BBC CEO Tim Davie two of the eight Taurus CEOs.’

It adds: ‘Taurus signs are thought to be reliable, stubborn, ambitious, practical and patient. These sound like the perfect traits of a successful CEO!’ Sounds like you’re in for a lot of success if you’re born between April 20 and May 21.

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However, a CEO status isn’t the only thing synonymous with being a Taurus. Crime novelist David Jester has complied new research which indicates that many serial killers are Taureans. He came to the conclusion after studying some of the world’s most notorious serial killers for two years and discovering that many where born as a Taurus – from H.H. Holmes (America’s first modern serial killer) and Michael Ryan (the man behind the Hungerford Massacre) to David Copeland (the London Nail Bomber) and infamous cannibal Albert Fish, also known as the ‘Werewolf of Wysteria.’

So not only are you in with a good chance to be a CEO, but there could be something more sinister at work for the Taurus. Two very different paths, but apparently both possible for this specific star sign…