This star sign is the most generous when it comes to gifting

Gifting has gone to a whole new level since lockdown began. While previously we’d shop for big occasions like birthdays or weddings, the fact that we’re not able to see our loved ones in person has inspired us to start sending them pick-me-up presents ‘just because’. From letterbox gifts to brighten their day to care packages to help them through a tough time, we’re taking time to surprise our loved ones more than ever.

most generous star sign
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The team at Arena Flowers noticed this uptick – their stats show that numbers for flower orders are up 655 per cent since lockdown – and so they decided to delve a little deeper into our gifting habits to see what we’re sending and how much we’re spending.

The UK’s Gifting Survey analysed everything from location to star sign, and the latter was where things got really interesting. According to the results, Virgos are the most generous gift givers among us, spending an average of £20.28 on presents for their friends and family.

most generous star sign
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The 5 most generous star signs when it comes to gifting

  1. Virgo (average spend £20.28)
  2. Scorpio (average spend £20.19)
  3. Sagittarius (average spend £18.92)
  4. Leo (average spend £18.50)
  5. Libra (average spend £18.24)

As well as being hard workers, Virgos love to make themselves helpful, and are typically very giving by nature, so it’s not a huge shocker to see them top the polls. However, it might make things tricky if you’re buying for a Virgo – they’ve set the standard high, so you have to consider how you might top it!

most generous star sign
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Arena Flowers also looked into the most popular types of gifts being sent – flowers, alcohol and chocolates or food, if you need inspiration – and the regions that are splashing the most cash. Londoners are making the biggest purchases, spending an average of £20.46, followed closely behind by Liverpool (£19.30 per gift) and Southampton (£19.22 per gift).

However, when looking at the amount spent in comparison to the average weekly wage, Londoners are toward of the list, prepared to pay around 2.8 per cent of their weekly wage on a gift.

Hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?