This is why the staff in Zara watch you very closely

Like us, you probably spend a lot of time in Zara. And if you’re not one for good old fashioned high street shopping, you’ve certainly paid their website one or two visits (to say the least).

In fact, it’s hard to imagine any woman in the UK who doesn’t own at least one item by the Spanish retail giant. But have you ever wondered how Zara become so successful?

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Aside from their quality clothes  and regular restocks, the brand, owned by Spanish retail magnate Amancio Ortega, have one particularly exceptional business skill to thank for their consistent winning streak – their attentive customer analysis.

You may have noticed that the staff in Zara tend to pay very close attention to their customers whenever they step into one of their stores, and while it may seem strange at first – it’s all for good reason.

As a store manager at Zara, a huge part of your job is to change the stock in your store twice a week. According to a report in The Mirror, these said orders made by the store managers to the company HQ are based on the individual sales data from their respective stores. It is also calculated around anecdotal evidence from shoppers about what they like and don’t like.

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Therefore, this means that in order to get this information and ultimately do their job competently, store managers and staff at Zara have to watch customers’ reactions and anticipating demand for items. In fact, their pay is target driven which means they can double their salary through bonuses, so if you spot an eagle-eyed sales assistant at your local branch, this will be why.

Housed under Inditex, Zara is a part of the world’s largest and most influential retail group, operating more than 7,475 stores in 96 markets. And with net sales smashing past £10.7 billion (a milestone for the brand) on top of 249,000 online orders per hour, there’s no stopping our high street favourite.