This skirt from Stacey Solomon’s Primark collection is in very high demand

Stacey Solomon’s collection with Primark may only have launched a few weeks ago but it is already proving to be a huge hit, with items flying off the racks. However, there’s one particular item from the range that everyone seems to want to get their hands on this season – so much so that it is being resold on eBay for double the price.

Stacey Solomon Primark skirt

The green animal print pleated skirt is the piece in question, and it’s little surprise – not only is it perfectly on trend with the current animal print craze but the colour is gorgeous too. And that’s before you even mention the incredibly purse-friendly price tag it comes along with if you’re lucky enough to find it in store.

Priced at just £13, the skirt received a lot of attention after Primark posted the item, worn by plus size fashion blogger GingerGirlSays, on their Instagram page, and now shoppers are struggling to get their hands on it.

‘I looked in a few Primark stores for this skirt when Stacey Soloman was first launched but no-where to be seen. Are you getting more stock in? I do hope so!!’ wrote one, while another said: ‘I need this skirt in my life but every time I go it’s sold out. Looks gorgeous on.’

Stacey is the latest celebrity to team up with the high street brand on a sell out collection. In an interview with YOU magazine last month, the former X Factor contestant turned TV presenter explained that the collaboration was a big deal for her and her family as she has  ‘always shopped’ there. While she loves the popular skirt, she is especially proud of the jeans, telling us: ‘I love jeans. I live in jeans and jeggings.’

The mother-of-two also explained that she isn’t one to splash out on designer gear, making her collaboration with Primark all the more fitting. ‘I can’t warrant the expense. I’ve got a couple of birthday gifts that are expensive – shoes, handbags – but when it comes to clothes, no. A [Victoria Beckham] dress is a month’s mortgage!’

She’s not wrong there.