The biggest spring/summer beauty trends for 2022

Fashion and beauty trends used to start on the catwalks, in legendary nightclubs or on the streets of the world’s coolest cities. Now, the digital realm has been added to that list, with social media proving a huge influence on the latest looks.

What’s more, the internet means we can now track trends, looking at how many people are searching for specific looks to find out how popular they really are.

In terms of 2022 beauty trends, Cult Beauty have crunched the data and come up with a list of the most Googled looks – and the results may surprise you.

If you remember body glitter, 90s make up and choppy bobs the first time round then you’re about to get a real sense of déjà vu, because they’ve come back around, all falling in the top 10 most searched for beauty trends.

Check out the top 10 2022 beauty trends below…

  1. Braids – 200k searches

2. Body glitter – 96k searches

2. French tip nails with colour – 85k searches

4. Glossy lips – 60k searches

beauty trends

5. Sculpted waves – 45k searches

6. Matte nails – 40k searches

beauty trends

7. 90s make-up – 40k searches

90s makeup

8. Neutral nails – 27k searches

beauty trends

9. Choppy bob – 27k searches

beauty trends

10. Graphic eyeliner – 22k searches

beauty trends