Stop right now! There could be a Spice Girls reunion next year

There’s already loads to look forward to in 2022 – from nationwide holidays like the Queen’s platinum jubilee to new seasons of highly anticipated TV shows such as Killing Eve. To add to the list of things to get excited about, it’s now been revealed there could be a Spice Girls reunion in 2022.

The last time the ladies took to the stage was in 2019 for the Spice World tour. Mel C, Mel B, Emma Bunton and Geri Horner weren’t joined by Victoria Beckham for the reunion, but Mel C has recently said all five of them are now in the ‘best place ever’.

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Speaking to OK! Magazine, Sporty Spice revealed a potential reunion in the future isn’t totally off the cards.

‘I tell you something, there will be [a reunion] if I’ve got anything to do with it,’ she said. ‘We’re constantly talking about it. The girls have had meetings and it’s something we all passionately want to do.

‘We’re working through the ins and outs of Covid to try to make it happen.’

Mel even suggested Posh Spice could be joining them once more. Commenting on all of their relationships with each other, she said: ‘We’re in the best place ever. We have more respect for each other than ever before, we’re all mums and we all know each other so well.

‘Even though Victoria wasn’t with us on stage for the last tour, she was completely with us in spirit and 100 per cent there behind the scenes. We wanted her to be happy with everything, so she was involved with all the creative aspects of the show.’

We would love to see all five women back on stage, performing their smash hits once again. Fingers crossed this new year wish comes true!

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