The everyday habit that could be putting your home at risk of burglary

Ever left the spare key to your home outside the front door? Of course you have. Most of us are guilty of it.

In fact, a new study has revealed that three quarters of Brits leave a spare key hidden outside their homes in case of an emergency. However, the research has also pointed out that the habit isn’t as safe as we may think.

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The new study, carried out by homeware and furniture brand Hillaryssurveyed 2,345 Brits as part of an ongoing project investigating the home lives of adults in the UK. They found that one in fourteen people who leave a spare key hidden somewhere on their property become victims of burglary as a result.

As part of the study, participants were asked if they ever left a spare key outside their home, with the majority (76 per cent) admitting to doing so. When asked why, responses included ‘in case I lose my main key’ (43 per cent gave this answer), ‘in case I lock myself out’ (36 per cent said this) and ‘it’s for my partner/friends/family to get into the house’ (21 per cent claimed).

The most common places people leave their keys turned out to be under a doormat (35 percent), under a garden ornament (25 per cent), under a plant pot (17 per cent), behind a bin (14 per cent) and in the shed (4 per cent).

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‘It makes sense to have spare keys to hand for those moments when you forget your key or lock yourself out,’ said Tara Hall, spokesperson for Hillarys. ‘But it’s surprising how many people leave these spares in places that are easily accessible to anyone passing by. Hopefully these results might make people reconsider, and perhaps leave a key with a neighbour or family member instead.’

The research highlighted that out of the one in fourteen participants who revealed that they had their homes burgled using their spare key, only 27 per cent have stopped leaving a key outside.

Perhaps this is a safety rule to work on in 2019?