Spacemasks: The £3 facemasks being hailed as a cure for migraines and insomnia

Anyone who suffers from migraines know exactly how excruciating they can be, especially because there is little you can do to make them stop. But now a new product is generating a buzz for its ability to alleviate the symptoms when they strike – and it costs as little as £3.

Spacemasks, an impressive new self-heating eye mask, has been receiving rave reviews for its ability to not only soothe migraines but also tackle insomnia.

While this might seem like a rather bold claim – particularly as both conditions are notoriously tricky to treat – reviewers says that the Spacemasks really have helped them to feel better faster.

In fact, the product is so effective that it has been rated an outstanding 9.4 out of 10 on Trustpilot.


Spacemasks Box, £15,

‘These are magical! They fix migraines, they help to fall asleep, they relax and de-stress,’ one happy customer wrote on the platform. ‘The ultimate gift of self-care to yourself…. and an absolute must in your weekly wind down routine!’

Meanwhile another said: ‘I’ve never found anything that can relieve a migraine like a Spacemask can! – AMAZING! I also use a spacemask for sheer indulgent relaxation purposes after a long day- BLISS! Excellent product.’


Priced at just £3 per mask and £15 for a box of five, the popular eye masks promise ‘interstellar relaxation’ and have been infused with jasmine to help you drift off as soon as you place them on your eyes.

Better still, literally all you have to do is put the mask on, with no pre-heating or faffing with the microwave required. The brand explains that the heating process works because of a thin layer of iron filings entwining with the oxygen molecules in the air. Sounds technical, but it’s totally safe – and the jasmine is a low concentration, so you can enjoy its fragrance without it irritating the skin.

Win, win!