Champagne flute ice lolly moulds are here just in time for your summer celebrations

It’s only been a couple of days since the Easter break but we are getting ready for the next bank holiday next month thanks to a novel new product called Sophistipops. 

If you’re bored of the usually Fab ice lolly or Twister, perhaps a frozen treat with a little extra class and sophistication might tickle your fancy – which is where these fun champagne flute lolly moulds, sold at Hawkin’s Bazaar for just £10, come in. 

Champagne flute ice lolly moulds
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Each set comes with four glasses for you to enjoy with a few friends and family – the perfect way to get the party started at a barbecue or alfresco dinner party. 

A spokesperson for Hawkin’s Bazaar told that sales have skyrocketed over the last few days as people were enjoying their champagne-style ice lolly in the great British sun over the weekend. 

The popular item was first rolled out in 2018 but have come back to everyone’s attention thanks to the recent surge of sunny weather. 

‘Sales soared this last week, especially over the Easter weekend as the temperature went up across the UK,’ they said.

‘People can’t seem to get enough of them! We first received stock of the Sophistipops last summer, but their popularity obviously subsided over the colder months.’

Sophistipops are pretty easy to use – simply pour your drink of choice into the mould as you would a standard ice pop set and add the ‘stem’ or stick before freezing.

You don’t have to use champagne; the kit is set to go down well with prosecco, gin or even a cheeky seasonally-appropriate rosé wine.

Hawkin’s Bazaar

Sophistipops Champagne Flute Ice Lolly Moulds, £10 for 4, Hawkin’s Bazaar

Of course, the item is also suitable for non-alcoholic beverages too – try juice, fizzy drinks like Fanta or Sprite or even fruit purees for a more refreshing treat. 

Once your pops are frozen solid, you can give the whole mould a quick dip in some warm water to loosen them enough to slide out and serve.

And once your boozy ice lolly is in your hand, you’ll be the envy of your Instagram feed – not bad for a tenner!