Snoop Dogs: Everything we know about Channel 4’s barking new show

What if we told you that a new show was coming to Channel 4 that combines three of some of the best things in life – dogs, being nosy and celebrity houses?

Nope, it’s not a drill, this is really happening and it’s as barking mad (sorry) as it sounds. In order to get round the tricky issue of not being able to film anything new due to social distancing rules, Channel 4 have come up with a genius workaround – using dogs as the cameramen.

pug with camera
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Dubbed Snoop Dogs (brilliant already), the premise of the show is as follows – the VIP pups of celebrities will be equipped with Go-Pro cameras and then sent running (or plodding) around the lavish house of their owner, leaving no stone unturned – upstairs, downstairs, even under the bed and behind the sofa aren’t off limits for these pampered pooches.

dog on stairs
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The idea is that the dogs will give an unfiltered glimpse into the locked down lives of celebrities, while also getting a sneaky guided tour (albeit from an ankle-level perspective). It sounds equal parts brilliant and bizarre and might just be tonic we need for some light relief in these dark and stressful times.

Each 30-minute episode will features the houses (and four-legged friends) of two celebrities, the identities of whom won’t be revealed until the end of each episode, allowing viewers to play along with guessing who the animal-loving homeowners could be. Think Through the Keyhole with added barks and laughs along the way.

puppy running
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Sean Doyle, Deputy Head of Features and Formats at Channel 4, said: ‘I didn’t want lockdown to stifle creative conversations and Snoop Dogs is a perfect example of a reactive and outside of the box commission. We’ve come up a wonderfully ridiculous spin on filming in lockdown that only Channel 4 could get away with. We hope families enjoy playing along whilst getting a healthy dose of doggy mischief and celebrities’ lush properties and home interiors.’

There isn’t a confirmed start date yet, but we’re hoping we don’t have to wait too long to see this paw-some new series.