Small Brand Spotlight: Dr David Jack

Every week, we shine a spotlight on the best small brands we think are worth shouting about. We love our great British high street, but there are so many fantastic independent brands out there making clothes, accessories, homeware and more from a place of passion and love and we need to support them – now more than ever.

From fashion and beauty to homeware, accessories and food, we bring you the best small businesses you need on your radar. This week we chat with Dr David Jack, founder of his eponymous skincare brand.

Dr David Jack
Dr David Jack

How did Dr David Jack skincare come about?

Having entered the world of skincare following a career in the NHS, I felt that what I was seeing was an industry that overcomplicates things for consumers and also creates a lot of waste, whilst not educating consumers on what they really need. I also felt that very little acknowledgement was made to the importance of internal health on skin health.

Dr David Jack

All Day Long SPF50, £89, Dr David Jack

With this in mind, I wanted to create a brand that is uncomplicated but high-quality and supports optimal skin health from both the outside, with a minimal number of products that address also the most common causes of skin issues, and from within with a range of supplements.

This holistic take on skin health sets it apart from most brands on the market as it gives equal weighting to both internal and external skin health.

What three words describe Dr David Jack skincare?

Simple, effective, holistic

Who is the Dr David Jack skincare customer?

The customers of my brand are well informed about skin health and are willing to invest in it for the longer term. They also understand how improvements take time, are willing to commit to a routine and are not necessarily looking for an overnight result.

I’ve found that my brand resonates with both women and men, and generally speaking busy people who appreciate quality but want simplicity and effectiveness in the products they use.

Dr David Jack

Good Morning Vitamin C Serum, £89, Dr David Jack

How do you identify what products and skin concern you’re going to launch and target next?

I’m very much led by my experience with patients in the clinic and the issues they experience with their skin. For example, in the last year with obligatory mask-wearing, there was a huge proportion of people experiencing irritated, sensitive skin, or ‘maskne’.

In the clinic, the other major issue we see is sun damage, which is the primary cause of skin ageing, with a plethora of effects, including fine lines and wrinkling, pigmentation changes and redness so addressing these has been a core focus of my product range.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Generally speaking, I am not a morning person (a fact that I’ve always felt guilty about when I read about entrepreneurs generally not sleeping!) – so I wake up, have a coffee and protein shake (i.e. my Skinshake) and walk to work, which takes about an hour.

Usually, I will have a Zoom meeting to catch up with the skincare team as I walk and then start in the clinic at about 10:30am. I see patients until lunchtime – anything from injectables to Morpheus8 treatments – have a quick lunch meeting around 2:30pm and then continue with patients till around 5pm.

After work I walk to the gym, have a session with my trainer then far too often have a meal out before going home and zoning out on Netflix!

What’s the best and worst thing about running your own business?

The best thing is for sure having the freedom to decide my own path in life. I found having a pre-ordained career pathway in the NHS very stifling and quite depressing so I’m glad to be rid of this.

The worst thing is the ups and downs of stress, on an almost daily basis. Dealing with supply chains, manufacturers and logistics can be extremely frustrating and challenging, particularly post-brexit and during COVID, but thankfully I now have a great team of people to manage this with me. It has been a huge learning process for me and one that I’ve enjoyed immensely, despite the challenges.

The most memorable moment in running the business, so far?

I think the most memorable moment was when I tried my new formulations after many many rounds of changes – with the complexity of the formulas, it has taken several years to get these to a level where I feel they are perfect, so trying these for the first time was like Christmas coming early!

Product quality and effectiveness are what will set my brand apart, so it was extremely exciting to see that what we’ve worked so hard on for so long achieve what we wanted.

Which product is your current favourite?

My current favourite is my Relax supplement, which is a blend of adaptogens, nootropics and medicinal mushrooms – it helps with focus and hormone regulation and really helps me to concentrate and relax. I truly believe it is one of the most advanced and groundbreaking supplements on the market and is unmatched in its ingredients list.

Dr David Jack

Relax, £59, Dr David Jack

Anything exciting planned for the year ahead?

We have so much to look forward to! In September we are launching our rebrand, with updated formulations for our 3 core skincare essentials. Towards the end of the year, this will be followed by updated formulations for the rest of our range so that we can truly claim we have the most advanced technical skincare products on the market. With the rebranding, the products will be super sleek and the packaging even more sustainable with less waste.

We also have an acne supplement launching, which has been a big request by clients, and all our supplements are moving into refillable glass jars. Next year sees loads of new product development I can’t wait to share…

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