You can get major savings on these long haul flights right now

As the Easter holidays and the four-day sunny weekend comes to a close, we are already planning ahead for our next holiday destination (well, who knows when the British sun will show itself again?)

Travel fare aggregator website Skyscanner has uncovered some cracking data showing the top ten long-haul holiday destinations which have seen the highest drop in flight prices this year.

Austin, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Las Vegas, and Agadir have seen a massive drop in charges. In fact, some of the ticket prices are just as low as planning a luxury holiday trip to a hot destination in Europe.

long haul flights with the biggest price drops for 2019
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If you want to dine at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas or maybe take a stroll down the beautiful La Boca in Buenos Aires or visit the epic Downtown Aquarium in Denver and save heaps of money, then you should definitely book tickets now – especially as Skyscanner has found that interest in long-haul travel has increased by 40 per cent so far this year.

Austin tops the charts with a 33 per cent drop in prices, which could save a family of four almost £1,000 on their holiday, followed by Seattle and Denver which have both seen 18 per cent drop in average flight prices.

Lisa Tyndall, Senior Growth Manager at Skyscanner said: ‘With the interest in long-haul travel soaring we went through our extensive flight data to find out which further-afield destinations are offering the best value for money based on a drop in average flight prices.’

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Tyndall said if your dream destination isn’t listed in their top ten value destinations then no fear there are lots of other ways to cut costs down while having a fantastic holiday.

‘For example, setting price alerts, considering departing from a different airport nearby and just changing their departure day slightly can all help save money.’

The long haul flights with the biggest price drops for 2019