Simply Be launch genius adjustable waist jeans as a stand against ill-fitting fashion

It’s hard to believe it’s 2022 and so many high street brands still don’t know how to design clothes that fit women’s bodies properly. From straps that constantly fall down or dig in to shoes designed for the narrowest of feet, we’ve had our fill of ill-fitting fashion and, quite frankly, we shouldn’t have to put up with it.

Online retailer Simply Be has come to our rescue with its latest campaign titled F-IT, which shines a spotlight on the reality of many women’s clothing struggles. Take jeans, for example. Buying denim that you A) like B) doesn’t cost a fortune, and C) fits well, is an almighty challenge. And just when you think you’ve found the perfect pair, you notice there’s a big gape in the waistband at the back.

So one of the new Simply Be F-IT launches we got really excited about are a pair of adjustable waist jeans. Yes, that’s right. You can adjust the waist so the gape disappears.

The Mom jeans have been designed to eliminate the back gap and ‘feature intelligent seaming which curves into the pocket, for added shape and to flatter curves’. They’ve been made in a soft, comfortable and stretchy denim fabric that’s 66 per cent cotton. Plus, sizes range from 10-32 so there’s a good chance you’ll find a pair that’s right for you.

The adjustable jeans have already been such a hit that they’ve sold out in many sizes, and received 5-star reviews online.

One happy customer wrote: ‘Best jeans ever. At last a pair of jeans that don’t gape at the back. True to size.’

Another commented: ‘I brought these jeans after years and years of struggling to find jeans that fit my waist even with a belt! Until these, absolutely amazing I would re purchase in every colour if available!’

simplebe adjustable jeans

Mom Jeans With Back Waist Adjuster, £34, Simply Be

Sinead Donohoe, Head of Marketing at Simply Be, said: ‘We truly understand how frustrating bad fit in clothing can be and want all sizes and shapes to feel seen. This campaign celebrates the sense of freedom that good, quality fit gives women.’

Carole Wilson, Product Innovation Manager at Simply Be, added: ‘We have utilised a wide range of materials which offer maximum support and are engineered to stretch with the body, whilst still being flattering and ultimately providing a great fit.’

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