This genius couple’s duvet will end bedtime arguments for good

Sharing a bed with a loved one has both its ups and downs. While it can of course be nice and comforting, it can also be disruptive and frustrating if you or your partner are fussy sleepers. Luckily, it looks like we may have found the perfect solution to at least one of the bedroom’s biggest problems.

Yours & Mine duvet
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Bedtime brand Silentnight has just launched a clever new couple’s duvet that has been specially designed to arguments about temperature.

The innovative invention has been created by the brand’s sleep experts to avoid the common issue of one person feeling either too hot or too cold when sharing a couple’s duvet. How? Well, it’s all pretty simple. The new Yours and Mine duvet allows each partner to select how hot or cold they like their side of the bed before settling in to sleep.

Yours & Mine duvet

It has an increase in channel stitching on its cooler side which allows for more air circulation. Meanwhile the warmer side of the duvet consists of reduced stitching, meaning it is able to retain more heat and keep you nice and toasty. Genius, right?


Yours & Mine duvet


Silentnight Yours and Mine 13.5 Tog Duvet, £40-50, Argos 

Explaining the product, Silentnight’s sleep expert, Dr Nerina, said: ‘If you notice that your partner has a negative impact on your sleep, or vice versa, communication around these issues is the most effective way of solving them. Start the conversation about whether you’re both getting enough sleep in your current situation and whether there are things that either of you feel could help you get a better night’s sleep.’

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She continued: ‘Following the conversation, either partner may have to make compromises to accommodate the other. These may only be small things such as turning the lights off earlier or turning the brightness of a phone down, but they could greatly improve the situation.’

The Yours and Mine duvet can be purchased at Argos and is available in both double (for £40) and king sized options.