This £12 anti-snoring pillow from Silentnight is getting rave reviews

There’s nothing worse than having our precious sleep disrupted, especially when it is due to your partner (or anyone else you share a bedroom with) snoring. That’s why you’ll be just as pleased as we were to hear that ASDA is selling an anti-snoring pillow by Silentnight – and apparently, it’s very effective.

The genius pillow has received rave reviews from many satisfied customers, who have praised its power to prevent snoring completely. So how does it actually work?

anti-snoring pillow
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Well the secret is the design of the pillow, which is made to minimise snoring by placing the head in the right position using its innovative foam core. And according to those who have tried and tested it, it works absolute wonders.

‘This Anti Snore pillow from Silentnight has an ergonomically designed foam core to position the head in such a way as to minimise snoring,’ Silentnight explains. ‘In tests, 8 out of 10 users reported a reduction in snoring. The foam core adds support and ensures the pillow retains it’s shape.’

anti-snoring pillow

Silentnight Anti Snore Firm Support Pillow, £12, Asda

After rating it five stars, one customer wrote a review saying: ‘That good I’m going back for another,’ while another said: ‘Hubby has stopped snoring so it is a 5 star from me.’

Another happy customer explained: ‘I was sceptical but desperate when I ordered this pillow. Only had it one week but its already going on holiday with me as my husband says it works. Happy days!’

Due to its magic powers, the product is a bit more expensive than your ordinary pillow, but we think you’ll agree that £12 is a small price to pay for a snore-free good night’s sleep.

It has recently been restocked after selling out due to popular demand, so make sure you get your hands on yours while you can – you can thank us later!