This liquorice lip balm is being hailed for its ability to banish cold sores

If you suffer with cold sores, then you’ll agree that they’re a truly horrible nuisance. They’re painful, contagious and they’re not the most attractive thing to have on your face, either.

Plus, for those who do get them – especially if it is a regular occurrence – it is a well known fact that they’re not the easiest thing to get rid of. In fact, they can be pretty stubborn – but now there’s a new product on the radar that’s said to be quite the game changer.

liquorice lip balm
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Happy customers across the country have been raving about Skin Shop’s Liquorice Lip Balm, hailing it as the ultimate cold sore-banishing treatment. The 100 per cent natural  hypoallergenic product is made with active extract of liquorice (Glycrihizic Acid) and has been created specifically to target cold sore prone lips – it has even been trialled successfully by the Herpes Virus Association.

Priced at £7.95, the lip balm has helped many purchasers to get rid of their cold sores, according to the endless five star reviews left on the Skin Shop website.

‘I have been using this product for several months and I am delighted!’ one customer wrote. ‘I was getting cold sores on a regular basis (around 1 per month)…not only did the cream make the cold sores go quickly but I’ve not had any more since I purchased it. I’m 62 and been having a breakout regularly for over 20 years, I’ve tried so many different lotions etc. It’s been superb, I can’t thank you enough!’

Liquorice Balm, £7.95, Skin Shop

Similarly, another wrote: ‘My cold sore attacks are infrequent and unpredictable but always large and painful and they last at least two weeks. I always keep cover up patches in my bag just in case. I decided to try liquorice balm and have been using it for 3 months.

‘Applying it frequently is no problem as it is a lovely and effective lip balm. Last week I felt the dreaded tingle that signals a cold sore was about to erupt. For the first time EVER the sore did not turn into a huge blister, nor was it painful. It stayed very small and within 4 days had gone.’

Meanwhile, a third customer added: ‘This has beaten everything I have tried.’

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