She Speaks: The important new web series discussing racial inequality

Educating yourself on the Black Lives Matter movement is essential, and there’s never been resources available to help you do so. From signing petitions to spending your money with black-owned business (through initiatives like Black Pound Day and beyond), there are so many ways that you can show your support, but ultimately, the process of learning and listening never stops.

She Speaks, a powerful new series from POW TV, features a number of high profile women in conversation as they discuss racial inequality in terms of everything from housing and employment to policing, education to the health care system, and it’s a must-watch for anyone wanting to learn more about the systemic challenges that black people in the UK are still facing today.

The first episode, recorded via Zoom, has already been shared online on POWTV’s YouTube channel, and features Baroness Helena Kennedy, Trisha Goodard, Dawn Butler MP, Benicia Boeteng, Lady Phyll Opoku-Gyimah, Adele Roberts, Cynthia Garrett, Rosemary Reed and Paulette Garricks, all talking on the subject of ‘experiences’ – reflecting back upon their family and individual experiences with racism.

It’s raw, moving and ultimately vital viewing, and there’s more to come.

Three subsequent episodes, with guests still to be announced, will tackle other crucial topics in the context of racism. Episode 2 sees discussions on parenting, considering how to approach the subject of racism from pre-school upwards, and what can and should be done to break down racial discrimination.

Episode 3, meanwhile, focuses on employment, with personal stories of discrimination and lack of opportunities and the subject of race relations in the workplace, while Episode 4’s topic is ‘Law & Justice’ – a conversation on what can be done to help find a solution to racial injustice and oppression.

‘Change begins at home as women, this is a big responsibility; their approach is crucial,’ says Rosemary Reed, the creator of POWTV, explains of the inspiration behind the show.

To catch up on Episode 1 and make sure you don’t miss the rest of the series, head over to the POW TV YouTube channel and hit play.