The team behind Serial have a new podcast based on the UK

It seems like every man and his dog has a podcast nowadays, but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped getting hooked to new ones. Whether you’re a total foodie, fashion enthusiast or thrill seeker, there’s a podcast out there for you. For those who love a drama and crime series, you’ll be pleased to know the team behind the totally addictive Serial podcast have just created a new one based in the UK.

In case you missed it, Serial was a podcasting phenomenon, particularly the first series which investigated the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee, a student from Baltimore. The same producers were also behind smash-hit podcast S Town, which deals with the fallout after the suicide of a mysterious man called John B. McLemore.

The team’s latest project, titled The Trojan Horse Affair, will explore the 2014 conspiracy theory that Islamic extremists were plotting to take over local schools in Birmingham. This led to a national scandal and damaging narratives afterwards, that were all based on this completely fabricated incident.

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To give you some insight into the history, the whole event in question started with a letter sent to Birmingham City Council in 2013. The letter was supposed to be a secret correspondence from Islamic extremists who were planning ‘Operation Trojan Horse’, whereby they would infiltrate schools in Birmingham.

It was quickly found to be fake, but a copy of the letter was leaked to the press in 2014, which sparked national panic. Consequently, there were tight controls placed on Muslim educators, as well as the UK government enforcing harsh counter-terrorism measures.

The Trojan Horse Affair will be hosted by S-Town co-creator Brian Reed and Birmingham journalist Hamza Syed, who was formerly a doctor. It will feature eight episodes that observe the effects on Hamza’s hometown and the scandal that followed for years. Perhaps most gripping of all, it will dive into the one thing we all want to know: who sent the letter in the first place, and why?

All eight episodes of The Trojan Horse Affair will be released on 3rd February. Listen here.